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 Review of SheiKra @ Busch Gardens Tampa
2 Rating Posted by: tacoking on 6/28/2005 11:30:00 PM
Honestly, I had no clue what to expect when I first walked through the queue line of this beast of a coaster. Well, before I get to the actual ride part, let me tell you how the night before went.

Hours of sleep: zero.

I was way too excited to ride this thing. Facts like it being the only diving machine in the country, and the only one with an inversion kept dancing through my head. Images of the the final splash down and theming raced through my mind. Sounds of the terrified people shouted in my ears. No way to say it but, I was hooked - hooked on SheiKr.

Finally the moment comes when me and a group of friends drive to the park, and eventually arrive. Walked out of the car, raced to he shuttle, and ran to the entrance gates (after we got our tickets, of course). We stopped for nothing. My friend had to take a crap and I forced him to hold it. Another wanted to go ride Montu, and I said screw you. Finally, we get to the coaster and are staring 200ft straight up into what hopefully is the best coaster in the world. The first words to come out of my mouth: Holy sh*t (you will hear that again later).

So, we get in the 45 minute line waiting patiently - but not so quietly. 4 of us had brought our PSPs, so we had some Twisted Metal action going on. Ill tell you what...the people around us werent too pleased.

Anyways, 45 minutes later it was our turn. I sat in the second row, on the far side of the train, and the rest of them piled in next to me. Had no clue what the best seat was, and at this point I didnt really care. I was finally riding SheiKra. So, we leave the station and enter the turn that will lead us to the lift hill...the very steep lift hill. I am sitting there thinking, "Oh my, what an exquisite view"....that thought quickly left as we made another turn into the first amazing drop. As we start strolling over the edge, the "Holy sh*t" thing comes out again, and off we go. The drop was absolutly perfect. It could only be better if I was drunk.

We flatten out and head into the immelman which was yet another incredible experience. We hit the pre-MCBR turn for a little breather. I look over to catch a look at my friends and they all look the same...eyes and mouths wide open - but nothing coming out. The second drop into the tunnel - while not as long - was still a pretty decent drop. For some unknown reason, this drop didnt have nearly the same effect on me the first one did. Yes, the mist filled tunnel was cool, but it was like...."been here, done that"....

We storm out of the tunnel and what? Is that it? Nope. Next comes the water splash. Sitting in the second row for this portion of the ride did nothing for me, nor did sitting in the third row. The water splash is certainly cool to look at, but its a waste of space. Then comes one final turn, and the final brakes of the attraction.

Well, was it everything I thought it was going to be? No, not at all. Was it still a great attraction? You got that right. Good enough to fit nicely in my Top 10, at the number 9 spot.

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bunkleg on 6/29/2005 12:37:49 AM said:
Theres only 3 rows.
tacoking on 6/29/2005 12:01:28 PM said:
Sorry, brain fart. Was writing like, four reviews at once (yay! Kraken is finally coming ), all while watching Reno.
WAR2174 on 9/25/2005 11:53:54 AM said:
I am going to BGT on Oct. 9. What type of line can I expect? My kids will be with me so I wont be able to rush over at first opening.
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