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 Review of Kingda Ka @ Six Flags Great Adventure
3 Rating Posted by: sfganitro on 6/3/2005 5:02:00 PM
WOW! that launch was so awsome! it just makes me want to ride it again and again! The drop wasnt as intense as i thought it was gonna be, but it was intense non the less, and that spiral kind of blocks your view down to the ground when your dropping, so i didnt really see how far up i was. I would have rode it again so i could look left and down when i got up there, but it was like a 6 hour wait. im gonna try to get on it again the next time i go there. Anyway, i rode it the saturday it was open to the public, and there were so many problems! every 5 minutes, sorry folks we have techincal difficulty, once i got to the station i was so excited, and it seemed like i was gonna ride it in like 15 minutes after i waited for about 2 hours, but it turned out to be another 2 and a half hour wait and i was already in the station! problem after problem. and there were so many line cutters it was unbeleivable. Hopefully they will fix all those problems within the next month. Anyway, when i finally got in the car, there was a problem so i sat there for another 10 minutes in the car, then finnaly it was fixed, and they sent us out and we went slowly to the launch pad and we waited another minute. I thought there was another problem when i heard the horn sound and i was like o my god here we go and BAM we launched off and up the 456 ft. tower and it was the best thing i ever experienced on a coaster. If youre goin to great adventure any time soon, this ride should be first on your list! again amazing coaster.

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FLA8 on 6/3/2005 9:06:24 PM said:
Wow a 6 hour wait is that true or are u exadurating?
sfganitro on 6/4/2005 7:31:12 AM said:
its true might have even been more it was at least six considering all the problems they had with the ride. and the people were lining up past the sign, and i waited 4 and a half and i started half way through the line.
coaster05 on 6/4/2005 9:36:44 AM said:
I am glad you got to ride and still liked it after that wait. There is no way I could wait that long for a ride.
sfganitro on 6/4/2005 10:13:21 AM said:
well the time flys when your with friends. it didnt feel like it was 4 and a half hours when i waited
therock on 7/5/2005 11:14:35 AM said:
Yeah, kudos for still being fair on the review after that long wait! I definitely would have been aggravated if I had been in that situation.
BobFunland on 8/27/2005 1:49:36 PM said:
First off, I dont recall a compliment being mixed in with the rest of the anonymous junk, if there was I am sorry. If you really want to compliment us, join the site.
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