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 Review of Borg Assimilator @ Carowinds
0 Rating Posted by: WAR2174 on 5/25/2005 4:25:00 PM
This is quite the unique ride. It is very cool looking with the neon green and black paint. The huge Borg sphere is very detailed and ominous looking. For those of you who dont know, the Borg are a very popular species from the Star Trek franchise. They are cyborgnetic beings from deep in the galaxy that "assimilate" or join with other species to gain their technology and biological uniquness. They always refer to themselves as "we" never "I". Anyway, I wont go too deep into the back story and back to the ride. The seats are very strange looking, with a lap restraint and over the shoulder harness which clips over your chest. You start out laying down, and up the hill you go. It is a little nerve wracking to know the drop is coming but you cant see it. Suddenly you flip over, facing stright down and around to the left and into a unique tight horseshoe turnaround and back around it flips you on you back and into a loop. Watching the train go into a loop from your back is really cool and disorienting. The coolest feeling I have had on a coaster since X. You come out of the loop and make another turnaround to the left and towards the Borg sphere, you barrell roll over again and start into a series of corkscrews. This part is a little rough. I found holding my head up instead of on the headrest worked best to keep my head from banging. You make a turn to the right and into the holding brakes. Thank God this area is covered, with the sun shining right down on you while you are looking up. You sit out there for a couple of minutes while the other train unloads. You then go around a little turn and back into the station house. I really love the coaster. The very unique feelings make this a much differnt coaster than many others. Since I havent been on a B&M flyer, I have no reference to other rides like it so I just have to compare it to the overall coaster community. In typical Vekoma fashion, it is a little rough but not unbearable, however Vekoma gets major props for desinging such a unique ride. The themeing is very cool, but the Borg talking gets a little annoying if you are standing in the area for a while. I liked Borg so much that it replaced Acrophobia in my top 10. Resistance is futile!
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