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 Review of Rampage @ Visionlands Magic Adventure Theme Park
3 Rating Posted by: Godsentone on 4/2/2005 1:33:00 PM
Ok Ok Ok, I have heard some great things and some nick-picky things and now its time for the man who has ridden Rampage more than 1,000 times, yes 1,000, to speak since I was one of the original riders in 1998. I still think that CCI are the leaders in wood, b/c their award-winning coasters worldwide. All, I have to say about Rampage is that this ride should be nicknamed Serial Thriller, b/c I dont care how many times you ride it, you can never ride it enough. It thrills you over and over again. This is also the coaster that turned me into the "Rider" I am now. The first drop still gets me and I cant get enough of that Ejector hill right before the bunny hills. If you are the timid type and you really want to gain courage, I suggest Rampage only at Visionland.

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BobFunland on 4/2/2005 5:42:13 PM said:
No doubt its very good, and it would be my favorite if it wasnt for those four laps I took up in the Smokie mountains Having been on a few CCIs and GCIs, I think that GCI is still a bit better though Good review :thumbsup:
Got_it on 11/6/2006 3:12:42 PM said:
CCI is goo from the start, but they just rip themselves up.
HowieP on 6/23/2008 9:35:43 PM said:
Wow! 1000 times?! Now that's endurance!
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