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 Review of Boulder Dash @ Lake Compounce
2 Rating Posted by: adriahna on 8/1/2004 11:07:00 AM
Unbelievable. I dont know of a more appropriate word for this coaster - Im sure to fail at doing it justice with this review. Heres my main piece of advice here - ride it at night if you can, and if its been raining, all the better. It had been fun during the day, but when night fell, and I hit the back seat, all hell broke loose. The coaster had seriously warmed up, and defended itself with such a vicious nature that I hardly knew how to handle it. The lift hill is laid out with such genius - it heads up into the woods, and you cant remotely guess whats in store for you. From there, it rockets into a beautiful first drop, and sends you into such unbelievable, shuddering speed - all the while roaring through perfectly executed hills, zooming by boulders, trees and all manner of nature. I was screaming like a little kid, and not for the fun of it - this coaster is as close to terrifying as you can get. Its speed never, ever lets up - no lulls in this one. In fact, Id swear that it picks up speed as it goes, and toys with its riders for the fun of it. If coasters have souls (and I think many of them do), Boulder Dash has one full of spit and vinegar - Id swear its out to kill you.

Oh, and as far as my recommendation for riding after nightfall - this is an absolute must. The coaster offers no lighting at all, and the effect is chilling. Not knowing quite whats ahead, and adding near-pitch darkness to the equation, is downright criminal at the vicious speeds Boulder Dash attains. Completely OUT OF CONTROL. Oh, and heres a plus - as we returned, shaken and disturbed, to the station, we realized that the last ride of the night was pending, and we got to ride AGAIN. We took the second car, and it was just as haggard.

Ride this coaster, ride this coaster, RIDE THIS COASTER!!! Make the long road trip, book a plane, do whatever you have to do - its utterly unmissable, and a must-do on any coaster lovers list of life experiences. You just cant die happy without having done so.

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larrygator on 8/1/2004 2:12:27 PM said:
WooHoo - its fun to have fun
beastboy on 8/1/2004 2:39:50 PM said:
Wow. I guess things went well for you.
Cairn on 8/1/2004 5:43:09 PM said:
And you are now one of the elite "Boulder Dash" veterans!!!
So glad you enjoyed your trip and glad you braved the ride and saw what an amazing coaster it really is. The only problem you will have now is finding a coaster out there that can compare to this beast! Great ride!
papa1958 on 9/16/2004 11:31:35 AM said:
I guess she liked it!
adriahna on 9/17/2004 10:11:53 AM said:
Oh, yes I did!!!
mrceagle on 10/31/2004 2:25:44 AM said:
Good review. long, but good. lots of info. good to see you had a good time.
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