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 Review of Viper @ Six Flags Great Adventure
0 Rating Posted by: coaster05 on 7/16/2004 4:14:00 PM
this is a flaming pile of dog poo. where to begin. ok has the park heard of paint this thing looks terrible. second one train that takes about five mi utes to load. you spend more time in the station then on the track but hey that does turn out to be a good thing. third it is painful. im ok with rough rides but ive never ever had my neck hurt like this. fourth that pain is just not worth it other than the barrel roll this ride has no good qualities. i would tell them to tear it down but it seems to exemplfy this whole parks attitude of as long as we got your money who cares about you. next up the raggidy looking rolling thunder.

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kowrip on 7/16/2004 8:28:06 PM said:
Yeah, this rides terrible. Id rather step in the boxing ring for a few rounds than ride this thing. The whole train shakes like crazy going down that first drop. Those restraints are also probably the worst Ive ever experienced. They make your neck and shoulders hurt like hell. They need to tear this down and put in either an Intamin Impulse or a Vekoma giant inverted boomerang. That would be a MUCH better use of that space !
coaster05 on 7/17/2004 5:42:32 PM said:
or they could just have you stand in line and be whipped by towels with a bar of soap in them.
kowrip on 7/18/2004 5:23:54 PM said:
I think being whipped by the towels would be MORE enjoyable than a ride on Viper. Whats sad is that the Ultra Twister used to be in the spot that Viper is in now. UT was actually a lot of fun for such a short ride and didnt take up a lot of space. Viper, on the other hand, is a piece of junk. Even its ONLY major feature (the heartline roll) cant even compare to any of the other major coaster companies zero G rolls. Ill throw a party the day this terrible ride is removed.
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