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 Review of Tea Cup Ride @ Funtown Splashtown U.S.A.
-1 Rating Posted by: haddock423 on 6/25/2004 5:48:00 PM
This ride, affectionately called "Tempest In The Teacups" by Funtown/Splashtown afficonados, is one of the worst teacup rides. The platform spins very slowly, and there is no apparatus inside the teacups to make it spin a little faster. I would reccomend it for children under age eight.

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Achibabwa on 6/29/2004 2:27:47 AM said:
I believe the ride goes up to speed 4 of 5, and there is a disk, which looks much like a pizza, in the middle of each cup for spinning purposes.
mrceagle on 10/22/2004 10:27:16 PM said:
This ride dos spin. I dont know shat your talking about. I have ridden this ride many times and hade very good luck with the rides spinning ability except for once. Also keep in mind this is one of the parks first rides. This nearly 35 year old Huss Tea cup ride is a rare find.
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