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 Review of Corkscrew Coaster @ Canobie Lake Park
0 Rating Posted by: SexyWizard on 8/12/2003 2:24:00 AM
i find it unbeleiveable and truley pathetic that you all complain about this rides roughness! honestly this ride is the smoothest roller coaster ive ever been on! this is an amazing ride and lines go very quick, but the ride is too short

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Disney on 8/13/2003 4:03:30 PM said:
w-w-what? "smoothest roller coaster you have been on"? sorry but thats sad
schroom on 8/14/2003 10:49:43 AM said:
schroom on 4/3/2004 1:58:36 PM said:
Are you insane?!!
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