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 Review of Boulder Dash @ Lake Compounce
0 Rating Posted by: papa1958 on 7/20/2003 2:39:00 PM
Beautifully executed. Perhaps the best designed wooden coaster in America. Lives up to the hype. Fun from beginning to end. Unique. No noticeable trim breaks or slow parts.

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schroom on 7/26/2003 9:20:50 PM said:
Im planning a trip to LC. This ride sounds interesting in that its long and has no trims- rare on todays good woodies.
Cyclonic on 7/27/2003 5:44:02 PM said:
Actually, I dont think any CCIs have trims, and niether do any of the GCI coasters. If a coaster is designed correctly, it should not need them.
praxis on 8/17/2003 6:40:54 PM said:
I could be wrong, but I think there was a very brief trim on one part... but the thing is, the coaster seemed to resume normal (high) speed after that.
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