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 Review of Montu @ Busch Gardens Tampa
1 Rating Posted by: scythe225 on 3/20/2003 7:34:00 AM
My favorite ride, period. Only Kumba comes close to this baby. As yet my first inverted coaster, I never would have guess that for all the speed and exotic elements in this rides design, that it would be soo silky smooth. The drop is similar to Kumbas, but has a smaller (but tighter and more intense) loop than Kumba. The ride is soo fast and snakey that everything quickly becomes a blur of sanguine fury. Of all the coaster elements I have experienced, the 360 degree camelback is my favorite. To see it in action off the ride is interesting, but when you go spiraling into it and down into the confines of narrow walls it takes on another dimension. Actually, what makes this ride soo thrilling to me isnt the elements alone, but the way in which they are implemented into the landscape and themeing of the ride. One minute your high in the air and next in an out of control spin through an Egyptian themed causeway and before you know it you sail back up into the sky seemingly just before you smash into a wall. These sweeps into the architecture below you are quite a few and every time theyre a thrill. At one point after a small loop you dive back into a "hallway" to rise out again at the last second, and go into a tight diving inversion back into another. This one got more squeals from the majority of riders than any other sequence. An ingenious and downright devilish ride design, this one is a gem. Soo smooth, soo fast, soo much fun. If you dont ride this at least once while at Busch Gardens Tampa, you should hit yourself.

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zjohn1988 on 8/13/2003 4:09:37 PM said:
i agree with you, great review
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