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 Review of Journey to Atlantis @ Sea-World Florida
3 Rating Posted by: scythe225 on 3/20/2003 7:02:00 AM
I wont debate whether this is a coaster or a log flume or both or whatever. Ill just say that regardless of this rides classifcation, its the best water based thrill ride Ive ridden. Though it doesnt have the epic water crash that Busch Garden Tampas Tangyanika Tidal Wave has, its leadup to the climax was far more interesting than the bland and uninspired themeing on Tangyanika. In fact, for someone unaware of the rides full design, one would expect the giant slide into the water flume outside in full view of the public WAS the climax. Rather, the very little water that gets you here is followed by water cannons blasting sheets on you in several volleys and a real surprise when the boat comes to a small (but very narrow and walled in) drop that bottoms the boat out making the water rise along the walls and directly back into the boat. No water ride has ever succedded in making my feet float inside my shoes. Both my wife and I were desperately seeking a dry spot on one anothers clothes to wipe out our eyes and not finding one. The ride then comes to another lift that takes you back into "Atlantis" and a short ride along another, much darker, special effect filled room. The ride seems to slow down to a nearly dead stop with nothing but utter darkenss hanging in front of you and suddenly you feel your body tilt forward with the boat with just enough time to see the little bit of sunlight creeping into the chasm the boat careens off into. At this point a neocoaster, I had a genuine pang of terror as the boat sails down sharply into a right then left sway that seems as though had you held your mouth wrong, the boat would have lifted up off the rails. Before you barely know whats just happened, the boat flys back up and outside into another water filled flume giving a decent dousing.

I always thought it was a generic "better safe than sorry" message on water rides when they had the line "You Will Get Soaked" in their menu. But this one lives up to the notion while also giving you a delightful, if superficial, Disneyesque special effects show.

A must ride at Seaworld. Better fun than Kraken in my experience.

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mrceagle on 3/20/2003 12:48:28 PM said:
if you like to see a side that will soack you like you said, then definaly take a trip up hear to New England and go to Canobie Lake in Salem NH. the Boston Tea Parts slpash will leave you drenched.
Disney on 3/20/2003 6:26:37 PM said:
yup BTP really gets you soaked
SLFAKE on 4/2/2003 9:59:55 AM said:
Where to sit to get the least amount wet as possible? How about at the entrance of the queue line. Seriously... if you go on this, you will get soaked, no matter where you sit. If the cannons dont get you, the swell of water that pours over the bot of the boat will.
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