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 Review of Exterrorestrial Alien Encounter @ Magic Kingdom
0 Rating Posted by: RAM20884 on 2/23/2003 12:36:00 AM
First time i rode this it scared the crap outa me. Great effects. Its also geared for an older crowd which i like since most of Magic Kingdom is geared toward kids. the aliens pretty cool lookin and the plot is ok. Seems like they designed the story around the ride instead of designing the ride around a story. Great addition to tomorrowland and i think Disney should look into more of these rides that are geared to another generation in Magic Kingdom.

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mrceagle on 2/23/2003 1:07:04 AM said:
For starters this is a show. but they had to design the phisical efics around the story. thats the intire attraction.
RAM20884 on 2/23/2003 1:19:51 AM said:
Oops..i didnt mean to say rode..thanks for pointing that out. But anyway it just seems so me they found all this new technology and said how can we use this and said well we know we can do this to your senses and then they designed the story so that they could use that feature. Dont get me wrong though its a great ride..i love it and ive been very upset about these rumors about it being rethemed to stitch.
mrceagle on 2/23/2003 2:35:36 AM said:
That would be the staw that bracks the camels back. to rap a masterpeace of a ride for STich is pathetic.
DemonRules on 2/23/2003 10:22:13 AM said:
if that would ever happen, (and with disney, it wouldnt surprise me) i would never go back. i mean, they have ruined enough rides already, they certainly dont need to go and ruin the last remaining decent ride at magic kingdom.
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