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 Review of Cyclone @ Astroland
3 Rating Posted by: BrooklynRi on 1/24/2003 11:46:00 AM
This was my first major rollercoaster ride back in 1974 with my grandfather. Ive ridden it every opening day as an adult since its my home coaster.

You have to truly appreciate the design of this coaster given its age and consistently high rankings against newer, more attractive designs. The ride up this coasters lift hill is one of the most anxious experiences in history.

The first drop is sheer with a slight twist before heading back up into a side slamming lateral. The ride never lets up and leaves the rider breathless. There are bigger, longer and faster coasters - but this ride is ferocious. It is always used as the ride against which all others are compared.

Ive ridden it hundred of times. I prefer the front. To get the front seat, get on the ride in any seat and when you come back in the station - move up when they ask if you want to reride. Thats the best bet and you can keep that seat as long as you keep feeding money top the operators for rerides ($4.00 each).

The back seat is notorious. It is well padded abnd a lot of fun, but I want men in particluar to protect their proviates because each drop after the first will slam the family jewels - perhaps giving you more of a souvenir than you wished for. For a good back of the train ride, go to the third seat from the back.

When you walk onto the platform and see those VERY overstuffed seats, you can bet you are in for the ride of your life!!

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mrceagle on 1/24/2003 6:46:10 PM said:
great review. this realy is a great coaster. If you really like classic parks and coaster witha non stop action you should come to Nh. Go to Canobie lake park in Salem. Ride the yankie Cannonbal. smooth as glass. the only down side is they had to instal seat deviders on the trains.
xDisney on 2/27/2003 8:37:36 PM said:
The Coney Island Cyclone rules the coaster world. Often immitated, but nevver quite as good. If it werent for the padding you would have to wear a cup and a crash helmet. LOL
Disney on 3/3/2003 2:51:56 PM said:
great review!
adriahna on 6/9/2003 3:20:54 PM said:
Very cool review. I wouldnt change the Cyclones seating situation for a million dollars. Did you ever get a chance to ride the Thunderbolt - it was on Coneys Bowery, across from Playland? Was torn down in 2000 - R.I.P. - and I was fortunate(?) enough to see the old, original cars, which had been removed from the station. After all those years, they attested to the great attention to padding put into early coaster cars - they looked like rolling couches! Ive spoken with a few people who were lucky enough to have ridden it - what a horrible loss, now that its gone. Makes you appreciate the Cyclone even more.
mrceagle on 6/10/2003 3:22:18 AM said:
I agree ever wirse it was removed for a megar parking lot. then they shoved a stuped ball field in the open area behind it. angers me they did that. I say that thing when I went to CI for the first time. and I was awstruck. after ridign Cyclone it maid me wantto ride Thunderbolt even more.
adriahna on 3/31/2004 9:05:57 PM said:
Yeah, I know what youre talking about, mrceagle - Coney had a way different energy before the Thunderbolt was demolished, and Steeplechase Park (where the stadium now stands) was just an open spanse of trees, lawn and memories. I regard Coney Island as holy ground - I swear that something about the sand and sea there has healing properties - and it definitely lost something when the big development began. I used to walk along the boardwalk in the winter months when no one was around, and upon seeing the Thunderbolt in its majestic, decayed grandeur, Id say, often out loud, "Hello, old friend." What a sad, sad loss to visit one day and find it in splinters - I knew then that things would never be the same.
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