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 Review of Shockwave @ Six Flags Great America
-2 Rating Posted by: Clonebiscuit on 11/30/2002 7:18:00 PM
Being season pass holders,my girlfriend and I made near-weekly trips to SFGam to watch the dismantling of Shockwave. What a beautiful sight,watching that steel monstrosity come down in pieces. I have nothing but bad memories of this vicious,skull-rattling "amusement" ride. I cherish my collection of pictures taken of the two of us lounging upon the fully-accessible chunks of track laid out in the parking lot. We managed to get a quite a few,before being temporarily chased off by a SF tow truck driver. A tow truck driver? What do you care? Its not like were going to cart away several tons of blue,rusty track in the back of my Neon. Although,it would make a nice living room centerpiece...
Anyway,to sum it all up...good riddance to bad rubbish.

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SFGA_fan on 2/2/2003 11:01:40 PM said:
Ive ridden it 13 times in a row with out having my skull rattled. Speaking of skull rattling, that brings me to this question. Have you ever ridden Iron Wolf? If not there you can get a good old fashoin butt woopin for no extra charge.
mrceagle on 2/3/2003 3:05:03 PM said:
I too think this review saws little to nothing. I have riden GASM at SFGAdv the same ride. and even at the same rufness I cant se the negitivaty of this review.
condorman on 2/3/2003 11:02:35 PM said:
im with MrEagle on this one, Shockwave was a little rough but definatly didnt deserve this injustice you call a review.
mrceagle on 2/4/2003 7:57:01 PM said:
I agree tis is more of an R&R conversation.
toaddy on 2/5/2003 4:21:48 PM said:
I dont belong here since I havnt been on it. But I hear this was an Arrow mega. How dare you. These things rock. Id be pissed if Viper was removed from MM.(Another arrow mega)
mrceagle on 2/5/2003 9:29:12 PM said:
i think he has little to do in his life. so he picks on a ride.
toaddy on 2/7/2003 2:00:38 PM said:
He probably couldnt take the ride. The Arrow megas still can generate a huge line. Does anyone know where the ride is going?
B&M Rider on 2/7/2003 3:00:44 PM said:
People were assuming it (or part of it) would go to Astroworld, but thats getting 2 new rides. I dont think it will go anywhere for 2003. Maybe SFNO for 2004?
DemonRules on 2/7/2003 6:12:46 PM said:
i have heard from the local news that it will be going to a park out east that has very few roller coasters. im sorry that i cannot recall the name of the park right now, but it was a six flags. it sounds like it may be sold pretty soon.
toaddy on 2/10/2003 2:45:16 PM said:
They should keep it in the family. They dont really make these types anymore. Although Arrow will still do it. Its like the public have turned on them and are complaining. At one time these were "the ride" wherever they were at.
B&M Rider on 2/10/2003 3:40:23 PM said:
I bet they were and they have the potential to be great rides, however due to poor maintenance they have become much rougher over the years.
SFGA_fan on 2/12/2003 7:09:23 PM said:
I heard it might go to SF Darien Lake in New York, I think thats the park demonrules is talking about
DemonRules on 2/12/2003 8:52:56 PM said:
yeah, its kind of an older park, and could really use a classic like shockwave
toaddy on 2/14/2003 3:02:31 PM said:
Why doesnt Arrow bring these back from the dead? I think thell get some response. Especially from smaller parks. Something like Knotts or SC Beach Boardwalk.
B&M Rider on 2/14/2003 3:51:25 PM said:
The problem is that many parks already have an Arrow or a standard looper, which is why only the Tennessee Tornado has been the only modern Arrow looper currently sold.
DemonRules on 2/15/2003 11:19:40 AM said:
whats wrong with having two? SFGAm had two until they tore down shockwave, and they were the favorites of many people. they are great rides, and any park should be happy to get one
B&M Rider on 2/15/2003 11:33:36 PM said:
Im all for variety, and I think many parks share my opinion. With so many new types of coasters to build that can bring in a lot of people with good marketing. Also, Arrows reputation pales in comparison to the Swiss companies that lead the industry today.
toaddy on 2/17/2003 1:58:26 PM said:
But mind you that the Swiss loopers dont go as fast as arrows. Like B&Ms standard inverted and standup the speed is between 50-65 mph. While an arrow mega hits 70. Entering a loop at a faster speed makes it way more intense. Dont you dare knock their reputation. If they didnt build have of Disneyland who knows if the amusement park industry would have spread so well. But back on topic, I think what s&s-arrow should do is reviving the hyper looper. That was a great idea and I would have loved to ride the only one they made. Maybee then Id give a hyper a 10.
B&M Rider on 2/17/2003 5:26:30 PM said:
Parks dont care how fast a coaster is going when it enters a loop; all they trully care about is if the ride as a whole is good and if people will ride it. At Great Adventure the lines for GASM pale in comparison to Batman the Rides, Medusas and Nitros lines. Many more people are attracted to the B&Ms because theyre a lot smoother and pull out a high capacity. For many parks the Arrow looper is old news, and even though Arrow has a great history behind them, many parks are choosing Intamin and B&M to build their coasters. Im sure however that when Arrow/S&S get back on their feet they will have some amazing rides in store for us.
toaddy on 2/18/2003 7:53:10 PM said:
I just want to see the hyper looper attempted again. I mean come on hypers are at what? 50-60 mph when they hit the brakes. Thats wasted speed. Turn the rest into a looper to use the rest of the speed. Yes, thats true. I know people like smootheness. But what Im waiting for of arrows new line is to see if the Fishook is going to go up in Vegas. Now that looks fun. 500 ft. in the air.
B&M Rider on 2/19/2003 12:50:17 AM said:
Unfortunately that project was aborted. I know I wanted to see it happen too. As for hyper-loopers they do look fun, but I bet B&M and Intamin will do it with lapbars. The clamshells on B&Ms hyper trains have been proven to work on loopers and there has been speculation regarding whether or not B&M would ever make a very large 200+ foot looper or a hyper-looper.
DemonRules on 2/19/2003 8:26:57 AM said:
just kinda wondering, what would the incredible hulk be considered?
toaddy on 2/19/2003 1:36:17 PM said:
I didnt hear about the fish hook being aborted. I know they were havning problems with the city. But I dont think its final yet. Still might happen. Back to the hyper looper, just wait till parks start competeing for the biggest and fastest, then we can also argue about which one offers better inversions at the end.lol.
B&M Rider on 2/21/2003 11:49:52 PM said:
Demonrules: The Hulk is a launched coaster, but definitely not a hyper-looper (its only 110 feet tall).
DemonRules on 2/23/2003 10:56:36 AM said:
ok, thanks for clearing that up
tacoking on 2/23/2003 5:23:18 PM said:
he was kdding right...i mean a 1....thats a joke. i thought this was a great ride, especially with all the loops in a row. i cant believe he gave it a 1!!
DemonRules on 2/23/2003 9:12:10 PM said:
thats cause hes gay and could probably get beaten up by his ugly girlfriend, and that truck driver guy
tacoking on 2/24/2003 3:51:17 PM said:
yes thats true.
XtremeFan8 on 2/24/2003 4:35:01 PM said:
Whoa getting a little personal ther Demon!
toaddy on 2/26/2003 2:13:28 PM said:
You made a mistake Demon. You know perfectly well he has no g/f at all. Boyfriend however...
XtremeFan8 on 2/26/2003 4:03:46 PM said:
HAHAHAHAHA! You losers, dont even know what a girlfriend is!
DemonRules on 2/26/2003 4:36:51 PM said:
it seems that our friend xtremefan8 likes to make stupid comments everywhere he goes, bringing me to the obvious conclusion that he is in fact........ORBITKING!!!! quit ripping on EVERYTHING.......
Toaddy: lol, youve got a point there......
B&M Rider on 2/26/2003 7:03:07 PM said:
Xtreme isnt OrbitKing. Hes smarter than that.
DemonRules on 2/27/2003 8:33:09 AM said:
lol, i didnt think so, but he sure likes to act like orbit....
B&M Rider on 2/27/2003 4:47:49 PM said:
Xtremes gotten better lately, now its toaddy that seems to be really obnoxious.
DemonRules on 2/27/2003 9:13:29 PM said:
hey, give toaddy a break, he posts some pretty funny stuff
XtremeFan8 on 2/28/2003 12:44:46 PM said:
Have any of you guys really had a girlfriend?
toaddy on 2/28/2003 1:55:08 PM said:
Have one now. Gorgeous too. Numerous ones in the past. I also pulled off dating 2 at once for 3 weeks.lol. You can guess how that ended when they both found out.
B&M Rider on 2/28/2003 4:20:24 PM said:
Surprisingly, yes, a few. Im single now though
XtremeFan8 on 2/28/2003 11:28:04 PM said:
Well, Im happy for yous guys! Haha, little Italian humor in there!
DemonRules on 3/1/2003 4:42:54 PM said:
you italians are so funny........
XtremeFan8 on 3/1/2003 6:49:03 PM said:
Damn right we are! And so is my Irish side! 50% Italian and 50% Irish! I love it! And I love my girl whos just the same way!
DemonRules on 3/1/2003 6:55:36 PM said:
wow, well good for you, i sure hope your happy
XtremeFan8 on 3/2/2003 3:15:25 PM said:
Im more than happy, Im happy happy happy joy joy joy! Ren and Stimpy live on!
DemonRules on 3/2/2003 8:41:58 PM said:
is that show even on any more? it was one of my favorites (remember the royal canadien kilted yaksmen song?)
XtremeFan8 on 3/3/2003 6:42:08 PM said:
Oh yea! How coul I forget! And no, its off the air! And that should be a federal crime, taking it off the air!
DemonRules on 3/3/2003 9:53:27 PM said:
how can that be allowed, who wouldnt want to watch ren and stimpy? (how about the song "dont wizz on the electric fence")
XtremeFan8 on 3/4/2003 9:47:39 PM said:
Hahaha, classic! Just a classic!
DemonRules on 3/5/2003 5:43:53 PM said:
what a travesty, i mean a show with such songs as "i wanna be a monkey", and "happy happy joy joy", how something of such quality could be pulled off the air is beyond me
XtremeFan8 on 3/5/2003 8:03:51 PM said:
And Log, instead of Slinky! Oh fun times with Ren and Stimpy!
DemonRules on 3/5/2003 9:31:00 PM said:
man, oh man, ill never forget the time i first turned to Nick, and there was this crappy looking cartoon, with a dog and a cat, and the cat looked more like a dog than the dog did. but then, after watching it, i realized its true genius, and had been hooled up until it was tragically pulled off air
XtremeFan8 on 3/6/2003 7:31:58 PM said:
DemonRules on 3/6/2003 8:13:57 PM said:
amen, i should change my name to renandstimpy........nah
XtremeFan8 on 3/7/2003 5:29:25 PM said:
No, its good the way it is!
DemonRules on 3/8/2003 2:40:58 PM said:
youre right, cause facts are facts......the Demon rules!!!
XtremeFan8 on 3/8/2003 3:27:38 PM said:
Well I dont know what Demon youre talking about, but ok.
DemonRules on 3/8/2003 8:42:02 PM said:
XtremeFan8 on 3/9/2003 1:43:29 PM said:
Yea, but there is also a Demon at SFMW! So I was asking which one youre talking about!
DemonRules on 3/9/2003 2:18:51 PM said:
oh, thank goodness, you had me scared for a second. yeah, its the one at SFGAm. the FIRST demon.
XtremeFan8 on 3/11/2003 12:17:07 PM said:
Ok, just had to clear it up!
DemonRules on 3/11/2003 4:29:26 PM said:
have you ever been on the demon?
tacoking on 3/11/2003 7:49:26 PM said:
the demon is ok. nothin great, o dont go a yellin mr. demon, its ok.
DemonRules on 3/12/2003 8:23:18 AM said:
aight, i wont, but i should. why didnt you enjoy it exactly?
tacoking on 3/12/2003 4:33:05 PM said:
i never said that. i just said theres nothing great about
DemonRules on 3/12/2003 5:04:01 PM said:
theres nothing bad about it either. i think its great how the demon screams at you as you leave the station, and the rock demon, and the light tunnel.....it just all adds up to a great ride
tacoking on 3/12/2003 5:08:48 PM said:
the light tunnel part is pretty cool
DemonRules on 3/12/2003 5:10:01 PM said:
its a great ride to go on at night
tacoking on 3/12/2003 5:11:55 PM said:
i know, i have. pretty fun it is. NOT as good as the hulk
DemonRules on 3/12/2003 5:13:28 PM said:
well, to you....no. but to my extremely biased point of view....yes
tacoking on 3/12/2003 5:15:26 PM said:
have u ever ridden the hulk???
DemonRules on 3/12/2003 6:10:31 PM said:
of course, its my second favorite ride, i just like the Demon better.
tacoking on 3/13/2003 5:06:49 PM said:
o thats right, well at night have3 u????
XtremeFan8 on 3/13/2003 6:05:35 PM said:
Ok, what?
tacoking on 3/13/2003 6:13:04 PM said:
i meant, at night have u? or in other words, have u at night?
XtremeFan8 on 3/13/2003 6:45:49 PM said:
Well then just say that the first time!
tacoking on 3/13/2003 6:58:19 PM said:
i did say that, but with a 3 in it
DemonRules on 3/13/2003 8:02:21 PM said:
yes, its my favorite ride to end the night with. go on the demon about three times before the park closes at ten.
tacoking on 3/13/2003 8:22:08 PM said:
u have been on the hulk at night. thats what u said right, cuz it kinda looks like u meant the demon.
DemonRules on 3/13/2003 10:47:22 PM said:
oh, yeah, i have been on the hulk at night too. that coaster is also an amazing night ride, becuase of the great launch, and all of the twists and turns throughout the ride. it has to be one of my favorite night rides
tacoking on 3/14/2003 4:35:47 PM said:
it would be better with the lights off near it so it would be dark
DemonRules on 3/14/2003 5:29:45 PM said:
true, but it gives it kind of an eerie effect, because you can just barely see where youre going
XtremeFan8 on 3/14/2003 7:12:12 PM said:
Yea learn how to type and use the backspace key!
DemonRules on 3/14/2003 11:43:28 PM said:
exactly what are you talking about xtremefan8?
tacoking on 3/15/2003 3:02:24 PM said:
just forget him. i think the ride weould be better in total, or almost total, darkness
DemonRules on 3/15/2003 3:49:39 PM said:
agreed, and just think if that first launch were in complete darkness!! put in like strobe lights or something (or do they already have that? its been a while)
tacoking on 3/16/2003 10:54:38 AM said:
no strobe lights, that would be cool. the launch is pretty uch in complete darkness, except for the end where exit, thats where the light comes in
DemonRules on 3/16/2003 11:32:14 AM said:
yeah, and they really have no way of blocking that either. at night though, you really have no idea how close you are to the powered launch section, and it really catches you by surprise more than it does during the day.
tacoking on 3/16/2003 11:43:36 AM said:
yup, i know what u mean. its still a great ride during the day, even after 300 rides.
DemonRules on 3/16/2003 1:47:37 PM said:
i cant believe youve gone on it more than 300 times. how often do you go each month, and how often do you ride it each time you go?
tacoking on 3/16/2003 3:06:31 PM said:
i, on average, go 2 times a month, and about 20 rides a visit. bt i havent been unable to go lately, because i havent been able to get any rides there
DemonRules on 3/16/2003 4:38:01 PM said:
do you go in the singles line? i found that wait to never be more than 10 minutes even on the busiest days. although that was a year ago.
tacoking on 3/16/2003 8:55:52 PM said:
singles line??? whats that, or, i dont know why, but are you talking about the fastpass thing??
DemonRules on 3/17/2003 8:20:33 AM said:
kinda, if you are a single rider, they had a line oyu could get into (might have been the fastpass line) and it would be much shorter. they had it for almost every ride, including spiderman and hulk. (line for SpiderMan was 2 hours, i waited 10 minutes.....Hulk was 1.5 hours, i waited 15 minutes) it drastically cuts down on wait time. although the last time i was there was more than a year ago, maybe they got rid of it.
tacoking on 3/18/2003 5:39:39 PM said:
i never heard of the singles line. they must have either gotten rid of it or u r talking about fastpass
DemonRules on 3/18/2003 8:17:39 PM said:
im telling you, there was a "singles" line. for people riding loner. it was the same as the fast pass line, i think. it was seriously the most time saving thing i have ever seen at a park. they used it for like when there was a group of 3 on hulk, theyd take 1 person from the singles line to fill in the 4th seat. ensuring every line was full. you should check it out and see if they still got it.
tacoking on 3/19/2003 4:02:11 PM said:
well its not there any more
DemonRules on 3/19/2003 4:31:22 PM said:
you should check things out the next time you go just to make sure. ask the ops if there ever was one, id kinda like to know if maybe it was just a promotional thing or something.
tacoking on 3/19/2003 5:10:44 PM said:
i know the hulk doesnt have one idve noticed it by now
XtremeFan8 on 3/19/2003 7:09:12 PM said:
Sweet you rock and sweet you roll
tacoking on 3/19/2003 7:15:55 PM said:
where the heck did that come from?
Disney on 3/19/2003 7:17:30 PM said:
wow 100 posts! this ride is not running anymore right?
Disney on 3/19/2003 7:18:30 PM said:
woops sorry did not read the review why havnt they deleted this ride
Disney on 3/19/2003 7:18:52 PM said:
off the database i mean
DemonRules on 3/19/2003 8:55:15 PM said:
its still in a parking lot somewhere......bserwin, you gotta find out what im thinking of.
tacoking on 3/20/2003 6:06:53 PM said:
i dont think its there anymore, but i could be wrong
DemonRules on 3/21/2003 5:56:46 PM said:
the coaster or the singles line?
tacoking on 3/21/2003 6:11:52 PM said:
the singles line
DemonRules on 3/21/2003 6:14:22 PM said:
if it is, you should check it out, cause it cuts down the wait time by about 80%
XtremeFan8 on 3/21/2003 7:16:28 PM said:
Never heard of Dave Matthews Band?
tacoking on 3/21/2003 7:40:59 PM said:
there gay, real gay
B&M Rider on 3/21/2003 7:55:10 PM said:
1) Its THEIR, not there.
2) Whats with this spurt of homophobia? Its giving a bad reputation to the site.
tacoking on 3/21/2003 8:28:27 PM said:
i know how to spell, i have a 103% in english, and this aint english class so i dont have to spell correctly
bb_dg on 3/21/2003 10:35:11 PM said:
actually it would be theyre and what is with all this homophobia? i see no difference between being homophobic and being racist. im going to close this before this gets started
Got_it on 12/30/2006 1:08:27 AM said:
I am a 100% DMB fan and I am also 100% gay so it would be nice if you would not say things like that Kay? Thanks.
coaster05 on 12/30/2006 9:59:22 AM said:
Why would you dig up a 3.5 year old discussion? I totally agree that the thingst they were saying is not appropriate, especially in your situation, but it appears as if you are just digging up stuff for the drama.
Got_it on 12/30/2006 2:52:55 PM said:
Trust me, the last thing I want is drama, there is enough of it in my life already.
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