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 Review of Incredible Hulk Coaster @ Islands of Adventure
1 Rating Posted by: Ferrari on 2/12/2002 7:09:00 PM
This is my favorite looping coaster of all time, and my favorite B&M that is not a speed coaster. The Hulk is a 7-inversion launched sitdown looper. This awesome creation starts out with a 0-40 launch out of a tunnel into a zero-g roll. It features six other tremendous inversions, including the biggest cobra roll anywhere. The Hulk is fast, intense, smooth, and has brilliant theming. Little touches like a mist-filled tunnel make the ride all the more special. This is a must-ride at IoA and one of the best roller coasters in the world.

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Sephiroth7 on 2/12/2002 11:37:49 PM said:
Seems like we are goin to get along. If that Led is Led Zep, you are the man! If not, youre still cool anyway. Both reviews of Spidy and Hulk are exactly the same way I feel about them. Keep up the good work!!!!
Ferrari on 2/15/2002 7:02:05 PM said:
Ferrari on 2/15/2002 7:03:43 PM said:
I do not know why there are Hulk Haters out there. Some people complain that it dosnt "flow" like other B&Ms, but I could really care less for all the Hulk gives. It is in my top 10 rides and rightfully deserves to be so. I think alot of people bash it because it will start controversy on message boards like this.
sfnesros on 2/15/2002 7:25:33 PM said:
I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RC rider on 4/13/2002 7:08:15 PM said:
That is a great opinion i think that u speak with that to all the coaster fans in the u.s.
Sephiroth7 on 4/14/2002 2:53:10 AM said:
I feel it flows awesome. I have no problem with the flow like other people. Some people expect too much of it and bash it because it isnt what they wanted it to be. They dont look at whats good about the ride, they look at whats bad about it....
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