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 Review of Space Mountain @ Magic Kingdom
0 Rating Posted by: mrceagle on 4/11/2002 1:34:00 PM
This ride is fantastic. Its not to fast its not to intense, but the ride is uniquie and you will remember it for the rest of your life.

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Sephiroth7 on 4/11/2002 3:08:00 PM said:
Exactly...I like this review...
xDisney on 4/16/2002 4:45:55 PM said:
Right on the money, Nice Rev
bb_dg on 4/16/2002 5:28:25 PM said:
well its to be expected from disney- its the experience, not the intensity of the ride.
Waitj786 on 12/11/2002 5:01:13 PM said:
I thought it was pretty intense for such a small coaster. DISNEY RULES!
mrceagle on 12/12/2002 10:01:33 PM said:
Im glad to see so many peaple think that. I cant beleave that six flags is wigher rated on the poll on the front page.
DemonRules on 1/21/2003 5:24:12 PM said:
Six Flags blows disney out of the water. they can create better rides for less money, and dont believe that theming is everything. you can have a great theme for a ride, but the ride could suck. such is the case for space mountain. the whole idea is great, and the effects are spectacular. but does that make a ride? i dont think so. this is an average ride hidden behind a great theme
mrceagle on 1/21/2003 11:57:02 PM said:
Whell your first three words were correct. Six flags Blows. Their call themselfs a theme park as have the worst theming in the world. My home park dos a better job at theming them six flags dos and their not a them park.

Back to the point. the coaster is great. extremly long and like almost all disney coasters. and family designed. moderat speed with maximum thills. I go to disney and see an intire family having fun. I go to a six Flags park and see a child geting passed off will the parents have all the fun. In the mean time thet have nothing to show for their park day but a sun burn.
DemonRules on 1/22/2003 8:28:00 AM said:
Hey, I dont know if youve ever been to six flags great america, but im pretty sure its a park the whole family can enjoy.....it has a whole section of the park with rides just for smaller kids. plus, many of the coasters, such as the whizzer, are great for all ages, and none are too intense for younger kids who enjoy coasters. and ill say it again, theming doesnt make a ride. disney makes alot more money than six flags, and if they want to pour it into theming, more power to them, but for six flags to build great coasters with less funding, and no theming, doesnt mean that ride sucks. and my final point......six flags is the favorite park chain in this websites survey
BigJohnWC on 1/22/2003 11:05:07 AM said:
Actually, DemonRules, if you check the message boards you will notice that Six Flags being #1 on that survey has received much criticism. Mainly because most of its parks, Six Flags Great American being an exception in many areas, are horribly done (poor help, unkept, lack of themeing for theme park). Also, Six Flags was leading the survey for one single reason ... shear volume. With at least 18 parks out there, Six Flags has the "home field advantage" in so many areas that fans who pop onto this site, as opposed to park travelers like many of the users, will vote for Six Flags simply because it is their "home park" or because they have not visited many other parks. When it comes to comparison ... compare as such: Cedar Point BURIED Six Flags Worlds of Adventure this year in attendance and popularity. Six Flags has kept OUT of Florida do the dominance of Disney & Universal (and Busch, to some extent). Six Flags are decent parks, but they are nothing compared to the Amusement Park chain of Cedar Fair or the Theme Park chains of Disney & Universal (in fact, at the time of this post, Disney is leading the survey you have tauted above).
BigJohnWC on 1/22/2003 11:08:15 AM said:
One added note .. you complain about Space Mountain being a so so coaster. Well, its fifty years old (timeline based on the original in Disneyland). After 50 years, any roller coaster being tauted as "average" isnt bad at all. The VORTEX at PKI (and your home parks THE DEMON)are Arrow looping coasters which are unbelievably common today and, while they were MONSTER machines of their day, they are barely an average ride by todays standards. And they are less than half as old as Space Mountain.
mrceagle on 1/22/2003 12:48:35 PM said:
I never said SF has bad rides. Its just the majority of Six flags parks haent rides for children. yes every one has a kidie area. but what for thos that cant ride the kidie rides yet arny at 42in of for that fack in many six flags parks 52in. I have been to 3 Six flags parks and to Great escap. wile great escape still holds alot of it roots and has many rides for the intire family. the other three hadnt many rides in exeption of SFGAdv, which still cost alot of money for the lack of ridable attractions. SFOG has a few rides great for familys, primarily the Monster Plantation. and SFNE has two kidie area. that together dont sport as maney rides that most of the other local parks do, and only 5 family rides.

Six flags isnt apealing to many peaple exept peaple like you. who im asuming is in his teens. why you seen to not take family of in that fact childerin into much consederation. maybe im wrong about that one. Six flags has hte gal to call themselfs a theme park yet puts in the worst theming is the world. and they take pride in themed areas in whitch te areas the majority of the time were their befor they perchased the property. and disney is atempting to come into the 22 century. what would the rockn roller coaster be at a SF park. a stanard ride with a fancy sign. maybe they might has put a guitar decal on the front. but it wouldnt be what it is.
toaddy on 1/22/2003 4:19:53 PM said:
Who cares about family. Theres an expression. Id rather be hanging with my friends in hell than in heaven with my family. Screw family rides. Thats why I like SF better. Although I do have respect for SP since it was my first coaster. But Ive grown up. And FYI SF calls themselves the World Wide Leader in thrills. Not theme.
BigJohnWC on 1/22/2003 5:52:40 PM said:
Yes .. but they refer to their parks as "theme parks."
DemonRules on 1/22/2003 6:04:37 PM said:
Youre right mrceagle, im 17, but that doesnt mean that my view of family is twisted. toaddy is absolutly right with the fact that i could care less if my little sister is enjoying herself, as long as im having fun with my friends. but one of my friends little sisters, (i think she 10) goes on as many huge coasters as she can. she loves them, and thinks some of the kiddie rides suck. i think that kids views are changing. they wanna go on all of the huge exciting rides, and dont want to go to cartoon network land or wherever. and in terms of theming, ill say it again, it means nothing if you cant produce with a good ride. the ride comes first, the theming, second, maybe third. i really dont care if theres theming. i love Great America because it has great rides, and is always a fun place to go w/ friends, not because the rides cue lines have theming, and the boat ride tells me a story. i voted for 6 flags in that survey, and maybe disney did pass it, but everyone i know has been to disney, and probably most people know of disney and universal more than 6 flags, so i dont think theres much of a home field advantage. i simply enjoy a great ride, sorry about the space mtn. comment, didnt know it was that old, and i can respect old rides(the Demon) because they deliver where it counts.....on the track.
DemonRules on 1/22/2003 6:06:14 PM said:
dont know where that green face came from, didnt intend for it to be there
condorman on 1/22/2003 7:07:45 PM said:
mreagle, you need to SHUT UP! "oh i need my themeing! i need to be in a happy little wonderland all the time! oh look at me in my little rainbow skirt!" who cares? themeing is great, it makes and breaks some rides, but you base EVERYTHING on it, youre like someone who buys a car because its the color you like, while youre freaking out about a rides theme, people like me and demon will be ENJOYING the ride, no throwing hissy fits about STUPID stuff that someone like you would focus on.
toaddy on 1/22/2003 7:56:30 PM said:
mrceagle on 1/22/2003 11:53:04 PM said:
Demon what happened is you connected a s with a ( it creates the crying face. toadday one day you will have a family and you will think differently, you too Demon. Condorman, I only rate the theming at a theme park. If a traditional park adds themeing it may add to the ride But I don’t count it against them. When a park like Disney, Six Flags, Busch, and Universal call themselves a theme park then it is appropriate to consider the theme in the ride.
Also o if you go to a family back and then wine that the rides aren’t thrill machines then your missing the point. Maybe it is because I live in New England, A place rich in History. This has brought me up to see the future in the past. I dont compare a ride that is 80 years old to a coaster just built. And I tend to look at rides with a bit of nostalgia. Perhaps all you over there near California dont understand it. Having little history under your belt. What would John Sutter be thinking over at his mill?
toaddy on 1/23/2003 3:24:59 AM said:
I fear the day I get married and start a family. Because then I have to grow up and stop acting like a prick. Wont be much fun. Werere just young. We want the quick thrill, not the long run memory.
DemonRules on 1/23/2003 8:38:20 AM said:
yeah, if getting a family is about spending time with it, im going to cherish every moment i have where i can go running for the first ride of the day at the opening, and hanging out with friends all day, instead of riding its a small world, while going to a family restaurant, and then ending the day on splash mountain. mrceagle, you have my utmost respect for being a family man, and i am truly sorry you can no longer fully appreciate theme parks.
B&M Fan on 1/23/2003 3:15:15 PM said:
Well personnally I think that Six Flags does not compare at all to Disney because of this one word. Theming. I think that six flags should theme there rides because they would be like ten times better. Six Flags is totally unoriginal because they have like 8 superman coasters, 9 batman coasters, 3 ninjas and a lot of coasters that just are the same. Disney is much better because each park has a different scheme. Six Flags are all the same. Disney is a much more beautiful and more exciting park to walk through. The only thing I dislike about Disney is its always over crowded and I would go more if it wasnt.
DemonRules on 1/23/2003 4:23:46 PM said:
hey, what are they called again. oh yeah, thats right...theme PARKS. thats right, the PARKS are themed, not necesarrily the rides. if i do recall, six flags great america has a themed PARK, as well as multiple themed areas, just like disney. huh. its got a hometown square, southwest, new orleans, etc. there are many themed areas, and some of the rides correlate with those areas. raging bull and giant drop(mine theme) in southwest, etc. it is a theme PARK. not all of the rides need childish themes to make them good. plus the giant drop is themed, batman is themed, ssuperman is gonna be themed, and the whole park is based around looney tunes characters. they copy rides (batman, superman) because they are great rides!! face it, a ride is not won or lost by theming, its won or lost by how much excitement, fun, etc. it can deliver. sometimes theming can add to that, but a ride is a ride, not a show
BigJohnWC on 1/23/2003 4:53:50 PM said:
Actually .. the comment earlier about teh age of SPACE MOUNTAIN actually does say that a ride can be won or lost by theming. Rides like THE BEAST and THE CORNBALL EXPRESS and MILLENIUM FORCE and THE CYCLONE (coney island) dont come along too often, so themeing is what seperates a generic ride (and coaster clones can get GENERIC ... see any Vekoma Boomerang for immediate proof) from a unique experience. Im surprised to find you arguing so strongly against theming when one of your favorite rides, THE DEMON, is saved purely by its theming. If not for the lights and the rockfaces and the waterfall, this would be just another generic arrow looper and not that far from being torn down to make room for the new "bigger/better" things. It is the themng and the effort that make SPACE MOUNTAIN still a must ride on every visit to Disney. It is the theming and the imagination that keeps SPLASH MOUNTAIN from being just another log flume. Six Flags, notoriously, pay high prices for the rights to the WB characters as well as the DC universe (since Six Flags are no longer owned by Time-Warner at all). But, they follow suit by skimping on themeing (red, blue, and yellow paint for a SUPERMAN ride is pretty minimal in the themeing department) and by not paying for new coaster designs and are content with copying the design at multiple parks. The charm in any amusement, or theme, park is its uniqueness to its area and magic each one can create (in thrills, in fun, in experience). Six Flags has made an effort to turn the amusement, or theme, park into any other mass produced corporate piece ... and hey suceeded. The problem is, that doesnt really impress those who know better. Compare it to POP music (backstreet, Nsync, brittany) as opposed to truly invigorating and original music (DMX, BB King, POD). To quote, and GOD please pardon me for doing this, Kid Rock ... "If its marketed right, youll buy it ... but If its real, youll FEEL it." Six Flags is about marketing and money ... Disney, while making money, delivers on the magic (or at least tries to .. damn you Eisner) just as many of the better smaller parks deliver their own form of magic.
m311ton on 1/23/2003 5:12:55 PM said:
Actually when it comes to the Demon, the reason why its still there is probably because it was one of the first coasters at SFGAm and because of its location. You cant put anything else bigger or better there if you were to take it out, and its more historic than anything. Kind of like Space Mountain at Disney. Six Flags makes up for less RIDE theming by making better rides. Disney makes up for poor/average rides by ride theming. Disney can make more money because they are resorts for people on vacation, as opposed to more local parks by Six Flags.

Also note that BigJohn gave the Demon a 9 and said that it was a true coaster. Im thinking he is talking about that REAL vibe that apparently Six Flags doesnt have.
BigJohnWC on 1/23/2003 6:26:05 PM said:
No .. I actually love the DEMON and never would deny that .. thought that was clear in my comments, but maybe not. Im talking about that REAL vibe for the park as a whole. SFGAm has a decent vibe to it, but the moment you ride the over-braked AMERICAN EAGLE or the just "there" T2 or Deja Vu and the vibe is killed. You can really tell a difference between Six Flags many a year ago (around the Time-Warner had some ownership) and the present. THE BATMAN ride at SFGAm is wonderfully themed and done ... but the newer rides are just kind of there. THE AMERICAN EAGLE is a classic looking coaster, and prolly was great at one time, but the newer/cheaper Six Flags have overbraked it and ruined and actually make it rather sad that the coaster bears the proud name that it does. That REAL vibe can be taken as such ... When you walk into DISNEY or UNIVERSAL or any number of the smaller well-kept parks (e.g. Canobie Lake, Knoebels, Indiana Beach, Cliffs) or even Cedar Point (which doesnt fit into any of these categories truly) you feel "transported," like youre somewhere else entirely in the world. Six Flags, as a whole, tend to give off the vibe "lets move more people through, cmon, lets move it" and "lets charge for this and this." Most Paramount Parks are guilty of this also, mainly because you cannot make a park in a "cookie cutter" design ... you should never try to suck the living breathing life out of a park and turn it corporate cold. Get off this discussion here and check around the message boards and the other comments on other rides, youll see ... a heavy consensus among park enthusiasts is the overall lackluster performance of Six Flags as a whole (SFMM and SFGAm often being the exceptions).
m311ton on 1/23/2003 8:25:31 PM said:
I am aware that most people are not satisfied with the way Six Flags runs and to an extent I agree, but that is not the idea I am focusing on. However I am not going to continue to argue about which is better between Disney and Six Flags because both sides have ligit arguments and there is no real settling point. Its just a never ending argument that goes nowhere. They both serve the purpose for which they are created. (I am glad you respect SFGAm though)
mrceagle on 1/23/2003 9:14:58 PM said:
I just hope to get out there soon. Honistly it looks to be the best run property they own. I hear the theming is good and the ride solection is fabulas. I just hope they will see that and geton the band wagon.
B&M Fan on 1/24/2003 7:14:57 AM said:
I myself do like six flags, but I think that Disney is much better. But Six Flags are not called theme parks. They are known as Six Flags Amusement Parks.
DemonRules on 1/24/2003 8:31:40 AM said:
ah ha! thank you b&m fan, for clearing that up for ALL of us. Six Flags prides itself on enjoyment of rides, not the themes that come with those rides. Disney is loaded, and can afford to make elaborate sets and themes for their rides. six flags on the other hand, with an economy like we have, should just be glad they can put up new rides every year. their attendance was down last year, yet they continue to build. i respect their desire to continually improve their parks, even if theming may have to take the beack seat
BigJohnWC on 1/24/2003 9:13:31 AM said:
All the literature Ive seen shows the parks as Six Flags Theme Parks. Ill do my best one day upcoming to fin something worth citing to at lest show where Im getting that from. Who knows, my sources may be wrong ... but Im almost certain it came from Amusement Today, Amusement Business, Funworld, or something like that.
m311ton on 1/24/2003 3:53:25 PM said:
Six Flags in one sense are theme parks though. They have themed parks, such as Great America, Great Adventure, etc. Within those parks they have themed areas according to the park name, or theme. For example, Southwest territory at Great America. While its not anything spectacular, its themed nonetheless. I dont mind the fact that the rides arent always themed themselves, they are still fun.
mrceagle on 1/24/2003 4:01:48 PM said:
Six flags Co is in the theme park buisnes. when teh ownwer of six flags opened SFOT it was a dream to start a disney stile perk that would be closser to home. they since have abandaned his dream to build more expensive rides with less theming. all they have to do is slow down and do it right.
DemonRules on 1/25/2003 12:35:26 AM said:
good point, but i still defend the fact that disney has way more money to burn than six flags. six flags (@ least GA) is struggling financially right now, and sow theming may have to take a backseat to just getting a ride built every other year. i am grateful that they continue to build with a smaller wallet.
toaddy on 1/27/2003 8:33:51 PM said:
Of course Disney has more money. My sister is into that pin trading b.s. They charge up the $6.00 each for those things and thats the cheapest. Disney gets their money from crap like this. Merchandise. I remember grad night last May. The main street store was jammed. You literally couldnt walk through it. People everywhere. The line to a cashier was 45 min. All because people must have their souvieners. Course this is a rare case. But they still sell a ton of crap anyway during the regular days.
DemonRules on 1/28/2003 8:25:32 AM said:
so are you sugesting that sf does the same? well, i think i see more merchandise at a six flags park than i do at a disney one. the only difference is, disney may be a once in a lifetime experience for alot of people, while SF is just your backyard theme park, with almost everyone making multiple visits. there is no interest in souveniers. its not as special when you have a season pass to SF, because you may go every week. are you gonna buy a souvenier every time? doubt it
BigJohnWC on 1/28/2003 1:26:54 PM said:
Theres also the fact that Disney souveniers are dubbed "collectable" and/or their are people who collect certain Disney characters/items compulisively (sick b*stards that they are). I remember the last time I was at Disney, part of my group HAD to shop at the main street shops because THEY had to by mouse ears for all the new grandkids in the family. Granted, I still have my first set of mouse ears .. so I cant talk too much.
DemonRules on 1/28/2003 4:52:31 PM said:
do you still wear em? whatever, youre right, they are dubbed as more collectible, but so what, you pay 30 bucks for a tiny stuffed animal of like goofy or something. its highway robbery
toaddy on 1/28/2003 5:40:22 PM said:
And yet people pay the outrageous prices. And I disagree by the way. Disney has way more shops than a SF does. SF has a little stand for every big coaster. Disney has an actually store for every ride.(well pretty close, sometimes one store serves a couple of rides)
DemonRules on 1/28/2003 6:32:22 PM said:
what about aftershock? (rest in peace ShockWave)
toaddy on 1/29/2003 3:52:26 PM said:
Well it depends on which SF. Disney still has more though.
DemonRules on 1/29/2003 9:01:47 PM said:
youre right
mrceagle on 1/29/2003 10:35:38 PM said:
Acualy SFNE has more shopes in the area then SF. the reason disneys sell better is they sell more then Ts and pencils with characters on them. is their stors had status and posters with the coaster on it. peaple would buy them. desney is just a beter at marketig then SF. also SF dosnt have any national Icons to thier name. nobody would buy a hat with rabbit ears o it.
B&M Fan on 1/29/2003 10:43:51 PM said:
You know whats I dont like about six flags. They never have the shirt you want when you go there. I have to to sf great adventure like 5 times and I can never get the shirt I want. I went to nitro the first week it came out. You would think they would have a lot more extra shirts so everyone could get one. They were like we ran out the first day. So Disneys stores in my opinion are much better than six flags.
mrceagle on 1/30/2003 1:14:06 PM said:
Nitro dosnt even have a good shirt for the coaster. and they have alot of shops too. to bad that outlet mall didnt carry any park clothing.
toaddy on 1/31/2003 3:05:38 PM said:
Its all a wast of money in my opinoin anyway. I never buy souvenoirs. Oh wait, I did buy a $3.50 key chain for grad night 02 at Disneyland. Money can be spent much better. A good punk band shirt from a mall or a theme park shirt? I dont even have to think. The band.
mrceagle on 1/31/2003 4:06:30 PM said:
I go with the park shirts. ie World greattns coaster from SFGAdv has every majer coaster on it. I also have alot of shirts from my local park. got to keep advertising my home park. bsides i got them on an end of year discount and themmy brothers Emp. discount on top of that.
DemonRules on 1/31/2003 4:51:41 PM said:
whatever guys, i dont go to a theme park for the shops, i go for the rides......you guys can do whatever you want, but im gonna have some fun
mrceagle on 1/31/2003 5:23:44 PM said:
yes I go for hte rides. bu I injoy having park shirts. show of where Ive been. but yes primaroly I go for the rides then the park, then the senery/landscaping, and finally the shops.
DemonRules on 2/1/2003 9:22:23 AM said:
i guess with someone like you, who goes to alot of parks, it would be kinda cool to have a shirt from all of the ones youve been to, but for me, who doesnt go to nearly as many, or as often, the rides are where its at
mrceagle on 2/1/2003 3:35:32 PM said:
True from mylocal park I only have a few shirts but I got them cheap. but the best SF shirts to get is the Worlds greatist ones. they have hte simbles t every majer coaster in the park. cheaper then buying a shirt form each ride. Its a little easyer for me the closist park to me is 20 minutes. for you Little A-Merrick-A is about 40 miles away. but you have 10 parks within a resanalbe driving distance.

Little A-Merrick-A Marshall Wisconsin USA 36 275° W
Six Flags Great America Gurnee Illinois USA 56 157° SSE
Santas Village Dundee Illinois USA 71 176° S
Big Chief Karts And Coasters Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin USA 80 295° WNW
Riverview Park & Waterworld Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin USA 80 296° WNW
Jeepers Harwood Heights Illinois USA 84 160° SSE
Safari Land Villa Park Illinois USA 85 167° SSE
Kiddieland Melrose Park Illinois USA 87 162° SSE
Hillcrest Park Lemont Illinois USA 100 171° S
Michigans Adventure Muskegon Michigan USA 105 80° E
DemonRules on 2/2/2003 12:19:09 PM said:
wow, i sure hope you werent able to name all those without looking them up, or that might be a little obsessive.....thank you, though for better describing youre point of view on the t-shirt thing, and i have been to many of the parks you have listed
mrceagle on 2/2/2003 4:10:48 PM said:
I used RCDb and did a distance from your home town. I got it off you profile. and at a a two hour drive.
Sephiroth7 on 6/11/2003 7:37:10 PM said:
"I fear the day I get married and start a family. Because then I have to grow up and stop acting like a prick. Wont be much fun. Werere just young. We want the quick thrill, not the long run memory." -Toaddy

I give teenagers more credit that that. You just happen to be one of the dumb ones...
mrceagle on 6/11/2003 9:20:55 PM said:
a quick thril is pointless. half the time its in a biger park and you spend 30+ minutes in line to hit a 2-3 minute line. I rather have a similare wait for a more complex ride.
Sephiroth7 on 6/11/2003 10:08:57 PM said:
Yea...who wouldnt
mrceagle on 6/12/2003 11:33:24 AM said:
i just rather have a good concreat ride over somthign throwm in.
DemonRules on 6/12/2003 12:27:49 PM said:
yeah, a ride has to have substance for it to thrill me. i mean, roller coasters are roller coasters, and they are all going to be about a 2-3 minute ride, but when you wait for a ride like Splash Mountain for 2 hours, you hope for a great themed ride....which it kind of is....but you end up having to sit through a story that is boring and i could do without.
mrceagle on 6/12/2003 4:03:53 PM said:
Teh story is what draws you through the ride. woudl you prefer a bunch of somwhat related seans.
DemonRules on 6/12/2003 9:43:49 PM said:
no, i understand that a theme has to have substance.....i just want a substance that i can relate to....i just dont get that from Splash Mountain
mrceagle on 6/12/2003 9:57:08 PM said:
well the problem there is disney pulled the movie the ride is related to. the main character too much resembles a black slave and a black organization was thretining to sue them. they opened the ride with a new style color wise for fox and pulled the movie.
DemonRules on 6/13/2003 10:55:11 AM said:
well, that just shows how disney can never get anything right. they need to stop theming so many of their rides off of little kiddie movies or whatever. they are just pushing away the teenage population
mrceagle on 6/13/2003 1:04:01 PM said:
This was the forst live action and cartoon mixed movie. Song on the south won disney more Acadomy awords then alltheri other movies exept Snow white. Tey had to pull the movie of face a law suit and they didnt need bad plublicity on the ride jsut because of the movie that haponed just before they were to open it.
DemonRules on 6/13/2003 7:23:31 PM said:
so the movie was released and won awards and stuff, but then had to be removed because too many people thought it was racist? was the ride being built before all of this happened?
mrceagle on 6/13/2003 8:35:48 PM said:
No it haponed just before they wer to open the ride. they were planing to rerelease the movie and thats when all the problems come up
DemonRules on 6/14/2003 1:23:29 AM said:
oh man, thats terrible timing....so did they come up with an excuse or just come right out and say why the movie was canceled
mrceagle on 6/14/2003 4:32:05 AM said:
Well the origanal movie was released well before all this. the rerelease was never fully advertised. it was goign to be an after markiting think. so abotu 6-9 months after the ride came out they would release the movie. so basicly it never haponed. they did a cauple years later release a Disney sing allong video of songe from it. so that helped. bu tit still looses peopel because the story is missing. but at least people get to know the characters.
DemonRules on 6/14/2003 1:55:24 PM said:
yeah, i remember knowing those characters names from something, and who knows, maybe i saw the original video years ago. but i still dont like the story.
mrceagle on 6/15/2003 10:44:40 AM said:
The story I personaly like it. But I can see haw somone wont get it is they dont know the story.
DemonRules on 6/15/2003 10:49:45 AM said:
yeah, but i just think that disney has enough cartooney rides, and should have made that one geared a little more towards young adults
mrceagle on 6/15/2003 11:11:37 AM said:
Its disney and your in the majic kindom. that is a pointless request. not if thei was goign into EPCOT.MGM, or AK I could see that equest but this is what your goign to see in this particulare park.
DemonRules on 6/21/2003 9:29:25 AM said:
true. but i just think that Disney, for all the "magic" they have created over the years....are starting to lose its stronghold as the #1 vacation spot. People are realizing that there are Cedar Points and IOAs out there that are much better.
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