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Author Trip Report - Indiana Beach 9/6/04
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9/8/2004 11:45:36 PM
As I was driving through cornfields to get to IB, all I kept thinking was of Field of Dreams. "If you build it they will come" I know the park is on the lake and not in the middle of a cornfield, but that's what runs through my head as I was driving.

It's Labor Day and the park is open from 11-7 but due to poor planning (Indiana time zones, aargh!!) on my part I got the the park closer to 12 than 11.

My first thoughts are that I'm might be too early, the place is empty. I pay my $2 for general admission to the park and then $18 for a POP wristband.

I decided to ride Air Crow first and ride 4 times. I was leery about the signs warning not to snap the cables but the ride operator didn't care. The wind off the lake makes this a wild ride. At times my bucket was facing backwards.

Next up Cornball Express. they won't let you wait for a specific car but luckily there is nobody at the park so I pretty much ride where I want and get 4 rides in. one front seat 3 in the back car. When the train came back in the station and no one was waiting the operator asked if we all wanted to stay on and took off again.

Next up Tig'rr - a Swarzkopf Jet Star

I decided to grab a quick bite, a grilled chicken sandwich at Tig'rr Den right below the Tig'rr. It was a real chicken breast unlike the processed one at SFKK.

then Hoosier Hurricane for two rides

I decided I had to ride a lot of flat due to no lines and to see if all the flats deserved the high ratings they received from others on the site.

Falling Star - a very good ride

Water Swing - for a swing ride I enjoyed this more than usual. The setting of many IB rides on small piers over the lake greatly enhances the thrills on many rides.

Cornball Express - 2 more times

Hoosier Hurricane - 2 more times

Lost Coaster of Superstitition Mountain - a nice little one-of-kind coaster that must be ridden both forward and backward to catch all the themeing.

Food time - got a taco right next to LoCoSuMo, it was pretty good but not spectacular. I later grabbed a bag of white cheddar popcorn that was unspectacular.

next up Galaxi Coaster

then Double Shot - a better launch tower than I expected

then I stopped by the Arcade, what a great arcade. To me an arcade needs air hockey, pinball, old school video games and new video games. This arcade had it all. I spent over an hour in there and when I went to leave it was pouring. So I headed to a indoor ride.

Den of Lost Theives - a fun ride that I rode twice (my High Score was 590)

still raining so I go to Frankenstein's Castle. A fabulous walk through worth the $3.50 price (it's not included on the wristband). It's supposed to be more funhousy then house of horrors, but twice I jumped back.

Next I rode the Sea Dragon pirate ship then took the Sky Ride, which goes right over some of the rides. It started pouring again so I went back to the arcade. I think I spent 90 minutes there this time. Before I knew it was 6:40 and I knew I better head to Cornball for a couple more rides.

I got the last two rides of the day including an insane last ride of the night where there were only three people on the whole train. Two in the front seat and me in the back row. That was a crazy ride even with a light train.

Overall this is a great park and I put it on par with Knoebels. However, I think some of the ratings on this site for some of the flats are biased and a little too high.

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