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Big Thunder Mountain
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Ride Type: Steel Coaster
Ride Status: Running
Average Rating: 3.6957
TPC Overall Rank: #240 out of 2933 rides.
Reviews: 187
Last Review: 10/30/2015 7:52:00 PM
In User Top 10: 64 times.
User Tracker Count: 715 times.

Thunder Mountain

Thunder Mountain Que

Thunder Mountain II

Thunder Mountain Theming

Thunder Mountain III

thunder mt.
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4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up moops123 on 8/4/2003 2:58:00 PM
Wasnt the best biggest or faster roller coaster out there but fun nonetheless. If people are scared to try roller coasters and want to start out on a little one, this is a perfect example of one. Very long wait towards night when I went.

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up vbarbieri on 8/3/2003 6:48:00 PM
Good coaster rough ride typical of old wooden coasters.

5 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up Sara888 on 7/21/2003 5:25:00 PM - User's Top Ride #4
Okay, so its not the biggest or the fastest out there, but it is so fun.
You get plenty of airtime and the scenery is really great. This is a fine ride for younger kids who meet the height requirement, and for anyone else really. You dont even have to like coasters. Get the fastpass if you can, but even if you dont its worth the wait.

4 Rating
+1 Rating Rate Down Rate Up cman 03 on 7/19/2003 2:12:00 PM
this was the first coaster i have ever ben on its a fun mine train coaster also the scenery is pretty cool too

3 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up ib on 7/7/2003 7:11:00 PM
a not so big thuner mountain sorry coaster wasnt so good but the themeing is ok and the scenery is amazing

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up SEAMASTER on 7/1/2003 1:23:00 AM
I loved this little mine train. Everything about it was really neat. The multiple lift hills and bits of airtime were perfect for the scenery. This is one of Disney’s Classic rides. I loved Big Thunder better than Space Mountain. You must ride this ride to appreciate it.

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up GravityLaw on 6/22/2003 12:25:00 PM
What can i say? I was more impressed with this ride than i thought i would be. There is some excellent theming such as the guy spinning around in the bathtub, the goat on the top of the rock, the dinosaur bones, the bats, the rocks shaking back and forth on the second lift hill, etc. I think the 3 lift hills is kinda weird because the track isnt really that long, but they make the lift hills interesting enough with the great scenery and theming. Careening through the mountain is alot of fun. I think its amazing how Disney can take an average coaster and turn it into an amazing ride! I think they should fill that area where 20,000 leagues under the sea used to be and put a modernized version of Disneylands Matterhorn there. It would be the perfect spot and would make the Magic Kingdom better for the thrill thirsty guests that sometimes leave the Magic Kingdom a bit disappointed. Overall, I love the Magic Kingdom but it needs more rides like this.

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up thechad on 6/19/2003 12:38:00 AM
Thunder Mountain is more than what it appears. The first time I rode it i was expecting a kiddie ride. However, after the first hill the acceleration was a shock. This silent monster built up speed faster than expected. Although the speed was good, the smoothness was also a pleasent characteristic. This coaster left me feeling dizzy at the end. I give it an 8 for the speed and smoothness but a few points off for lack of air time and heigth.

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up cookietime on 6/17/2003 12:47:00 AM
This is a nice ride and its the ride that inspired the much better Golden Nugget Mine Ride of Hunts Pier. The last time I rode this one was about 2 years ago when a thunderstorm started while I was in the que. I rode it anyway (at the time it wasnt thundering mind you) and got drenched. While normaly I would hate this, I actually enjoyed getting soaked... that is till the ride was over and the only pair of shoes I brought to Disney World with me were ruined. Still it was a fun experience... however waiting for Disneys slow poke buses to arrive was NOT fun at all! Perhaps Disney thinks its wise to let their patrons get sick (shame on you Disney).

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up LennyRoxx on 6/11/2003 1:27:00 AM
themeing is one of the best out there, and its a fun mine ride

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