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Ride Type: Steel Coaster
Ride Status: Running
Average Rating: 4.6667
TPC Overall Rank: #20 out of 2933 rides.
Reviews: 37
Last Review: 8/21/2015 9:16:00 AM
In User Top 10: 64 times.
User Tracker Count: 62 times.

Maverick Horse shoe Roll
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5 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up HowieP on 7/18/2009 11:28:00 AM - User's Top Ride #4
This is my new favorite steel coaster. Maverick was extreme speed and airtime all around. It proves that bigger isn't always better. From the first LSM lift to the launched tunnel that's sudden, Maverick is a must ride. Even if you are not into coasters, you'll love this one! Not to mention that it was smooth as silk!

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up G-forcejedi on 6/29/2009 5:42:00 PM
Eh. A thrilling ride, yes. The track is very smooth and the launch tunnel really gets your heart racing. Unreliable? Definitely. During my most recent visit, we had a morning rain shower. The Top Thrill Dragster had been running for about an hour, but the Maverick was still closed due to a slight mist coming off the nearby trees. Once the ride reopened, it closed down for another 2 hours due to mechanical failures. All in all, I waited 2.5 hours for a whole lot of nothing. Cedar Point employees were visibly frazzled, and point blank refused to tell us what the problem was. Overall, it's a great ride, but avoid it on a rainy day.

5 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up khmaverick on 4/5/2009 6:28:00 PM - User's Top Ride #2
I love this ride. The line (although long) is has great shade and moves at a pretty steady rate. The launched lift hill, although it seems a little unnecessary, is a nice touch, especially how it slows down at the top. The drop is crazy. The train keeps going down and down and down... until you're past vertical. The rides twisting section has some amazingly fast directional changes and the camelback hill has very strong ejector air. I like the twisted horseshoe roll a lot because the corkscrews, although forceless, didn't cause so much head banging that I would have a headache. The launch is a little weak compared to some others, but it's fun. The section over the lake is a little boring. After a hill with speed killing brakes, the train dives into a canyon filled with a whole lotta nothing. Apparently the heartline roll caused problems, but it would've been nice if they just made a weaker one in. The two Stengel dives are great, especially the second one, which feels more like an inversion than anything else. The ride finishes with a bunny hop that has another great burst of ejector air, and a turn onto the brake run. Overall, the ride has several thrilling elements, a great layout, and the best scenery in all of Cedar Point. It's easy to see why the lines for Maverick are so long.

5 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up bigredjw34 on 12/4/2008 10:23:00 AM - User's Top Ride #1
Well, I keep saying, &quot.Cedar Point can&#39.t possibly come up with a better roller coaster.&quot. And they keep proving me wrong. This is the best roller coaster I&#39.ve ever ridden, and the wait was a bit shorter than the Top Thrill Dragster, also. Best part of the ride was ascending up the hill, through the tunnel, for sure.

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up coasterf42 on 10/23/2008 1:04:00 AM - User's Top Ride #5
Great ride, much better than anything else at this huge park. The folks in northern Ohio seem to know that too, as I had to wait 1:45 minutes for this ride near the back of the park ten minutes after opening. Fortunately, the wait was worth it, and Maverick currently sits in my top five and is my number two overall steel coaster. The first drop is down-right orgasmic. Just plain fun too, it is short, but so incredibly brilliant. I have never been &quot.past vertical&quot. before, and Maverick was a great way to start my collection After a few ground level turns at seemingly extremely high speed, it&#39.s time for another orgasmic moment of Intamin airtime. This bunny-hop felt sooooo good, albeit stapled and with those weird new Intamin restraints. Just as good, if not better than the air on Intamin hypers. A few more turns and a couple of inversions come before the tunnel. I just want to make a brief point about how pointless the inversions feel, especially CORKSCREWS!! I mean, such an innovative, crazy idea of a coaster, and there are two corkscrews, something every coaster rider since 1975 has seen countless times right in the middle of the ride. Regardless, the inversions just felt sort of &quot.there&quot. and were like &quot.nothing&quot. elements for me. Would have much rather prefer a bit more airtime, but oh well. The tunnel launch felt fast, not the best launch, but very, very good. Then came the climb into more brakes, which slowed the train a bit, but not too much. It did ruin a spot that could have had some sick-looking lateral air, but oh well. Next was the S-turn, and the famous &quot.Stengel Dive&quot. which I honestly didn&#39.t &quot.get&quot.. I mean, it was a cool maneuver, but it really didn&#39.t do much in terms of airtime or intensity or anything, and I&#39.m not sure why so much is made about it. After the dive, a few turns, and another pointless corkscrew, comes the third highlight of the ride: more airtime. After that, it&#39.s another turn into the brakes.

So, Maverick has quite a bit too it, and that&#39.s why I think it is at least universally &quot.liked&quot. around the coaster community. No one seems to hate it, but not all seem to <3 it as much as I do. It just seems like the coaster is a cluttered mess of elements from arguably the best coaster manufacturer in the world. It has everything and the kitchen sink: fast lift, beyond vertical drop, banked turns, airtime hills, inversions, screwed up Stengel Dives, and a high speed launch in a tunnel. It&#39.s just a Horse of a Different Color really. Although I think a ride like Superman Ride of Steel at SFNE (and most likely Expedition GeForce and Goliath too) are better for sheer airtime, this does well with mixing up the elements for an incredible coaster experience. Again, I love airtime. There are only three spots of air in Maverick, albeit GREAT ones. The other elements on this coaster are unique and exciting enough for Maverick to be a concept I totally buy into, and a coaster ride that I extremely enjoyed. I only got one ride on this baby on my first trip to the Point, and if I ever go back and get the rest of the credits, Maverick without a doubt will be my first re-ride.

5 Rating
+1 Rating Rate Down Rate Up weaver23 on 7/25/2008 3:13:00 PM - User's Top Ride #2
After waiting since 2007 to travel to Cedar Point these past few days I had the chance to go there and experience there superb selection of coasters. Out of all of the coasters I rode Maverick was definitely my favourite. The ride is western themed and from a distance actually looks sort of tame. But the actual experience is very different. You start off in the station and slowly get propelled out, until you reach the LSM&#39.s that is. The LSM&#39.s finally kick in and you&#39.re launched with some good speed up the lift hill, you know you only have a second to take in the view before you plummet 95 degrees. The train slows slightly and you&#39.re ripped from the sky with intense ejector airtime and rush towards the ground, the dropis unlike ANY other in the world.It then proceeds to flip you through numerous highly banked and extremely intense turns through rocky canyons. The coasters seems to be going at break neck speeds since the elements are so tightly packed, until you reach the airtime hill. You ascend the airtime hill in the same fashion any other maverick elements is taken with incredible force so much that if you didnt have harnesses on you would be wrenched from you&#39.re seat out in to Lake Erie.Or so it seems. Then you travel through another highly banked turn and into the first of two maginifectnly designed horshoe rolls, almost like a corkscrew except more twisted at the top it feels as though you float through the whole inversion but at the same time are travelling thorugh it extremely fast! The same thing happens with the next as well. Then you turn again and become immersed in darkness and slow down. You know what awaits you it just a matter of time before it happens the train teases you as it crawls a few more feet then you are launched forward at what seems like 100 MPH, and as you are lights flash around you chasing you&#39.re train out of the tunnel, you turn through a very highly banked turn and up an airtime hill with a few trims, then down over a lagoon( which was drained on my second ride). Then you go through another canyon and into an S Bend where the heartline roll was. Then as you look ahead you see a magnificently twisted piece of track in front of you a stengel dive. Then suddenly as you enter it you are throw to the side with amazing force so it feels like you are up side down. Then you continue in this fashion and do another stengel dive except this one is even more intense and even more banked. Then you fly over another extreme airtime hill and turn into the brakes. Maverick turned out to be the best roller coaster I&#39.ve ever been on, an intense fast paced coaster with more banked turn than you can count. It Never lets up. Maverick truly is amazing and deserves the 2007 golden ticket award.

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up Animan1 on 7/13/2008 8:33:00 AM
A coaster that is amazing in almost all ways save for one, Maverick is easily one of the Top 3 coasters at CP for me. With better restraints, I can&#39.t help but feel that this ride would be sitting solidly in my personal Top 10.

I got 2 rides in on Maverick on my recent trip to CP, and as many have already attested, my second ride was far better than the first. Maverick&#39.s layout is excecptionally unique, as it doesn&#39.t really follow the mold of anything before it. The ride&#39.s interaction with the &quot.terrain&quot. (quotations only because in this case, the terrain is man-made) is very cool, and actually adds a lot to the ride experience here (for whatever reason, I have had experiences on other rides that looked like they would have far better terrain interactions than they actually did - not so with Maverick). I will not attempt to recreate the ride experience in text format...many others have already done that more effectively than I can anyway. But suffice to say that the coaster is extremely intense, smooth for the majority of its course, and simply a fun coaster to ride. Now, of course, I must mention my one glaring issue with Maverick, and I regret that I must do this: the restraints are simply not comfortable. Unlike some others, I had no problems with head-banging or anything of the like. For me, it was simply a case of the restraint continuing to tighten down on my legs throughout the ride, so that by the end, I was in significant pain and more eager to return to the station than I usually am on a coaster, simply so that the harness could be released. I will grant that on my second ride, I wised up and placed my hard-shell sunglass case in my pocket, thus creating a spacer between my leg and the restraint. This strategy worked quite well, and it is in no small part due to this less painful ride that I enjoyed my second trip on Maverick so much more.

All in all, Maverick is a fantastic coaster, and certainly one that provides a very unique, intense, and fun experience. I still dislike the restraints on these Intamin launched loopers, but I will continue to ride them at any park I visit that has one, and I would certainly take additional rides on Maverick if given the chance. A final kudos should go out to CP, who finally broke from their mold of building coasters that fill the pages of the record books, and instead creating a coaster that is unique and simply fun to ride.

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up wierdo135 on 7/3/2008 2:01:00 AM
I have been waiting for Maverick ever since I saw thay red track sitting next to Breakers Express in 2006. It did not let me down.

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up methos on 6/29/2008 2:34:00 PM
Overall I like the ride. first its negatives the restraints on the ride are not comfortable to be thrown into and the ride does have some moments of roughness where you hit them. The positives well the 1st drop is great and with lift hill speed throws you up into the air, then the quick hi speed turns and the horseshoe corkscrew element is really fun. Then comes where this ride is very unique the pause before its 70 mph launch fallowed by some quick turns special effects and some cool themeing. I would have to call it the best themed coaster in Cedar Point. I wouldn&#39;t say best coaster their. But with the close proximity of it to the ground and the hi speed through the rocks really makes for some cool close encounters. The ride has some odd angled turns and twists too many are unexpected.

4 Rating
+2 Rating Rate Down Rate Up psu_dude on 1/30/2008 1:02:00 PM - User's Top Ride #9
2007 saw me making a return trip out to Cedar Point to hop aboard their new coaster, Maverick. I will admit that I was absolutely ecstatic about this coaster when it was announced, and I figured I simply had to get out there again to ride it. And well, the truth is that I was disappointed with my 1 ride on Maverick. I hope people will actually read this review and see why I am rating this coaster with a 7 (and truthfully, I put it at a 7.5, but there aren&#39;t any .5&#39;s here) and don&#39;t just flame it with criticism. I can see why some people might love this coaster, and I am by no means saying that the ride is bad. It&#39;s just that for me, it didn&#39;t really deliver the quality ride that I was eager to get from it. I commend CP for going in a different direction with this, and aiming for just a fun ride with Maverick. And for the most part, Maverick is quite fun. The wait on this was enormous, so I only got 1 ride on it. We were assigned a seat in Row 4, which was a bummer cause I was hoping to go for the back. Once I pulled down the restraints I started to get a bad feeling in my mind, as they were not very comfortable. But, I was hoping it was nothing as the train headed toward the lift hill. The lift was really quick and the first drop was actually very good, with some decent airtime. I assume at the ends of the train it&#39;s even better. After that the train snaked through a series of curves that were very quick and thrilling, but also very rough on me, as my neck was jabbed several times by the awkward restraints. And before everyone jumps on me as being &quot;weak&quot; or whatever, I will say that I&#39;ve been on some rough coasters before and usually can overcome that sort of thing without much issue. Next up was the highlight of the ride for me, the massive airtime hill. That thing was amazing, with some wonderful and strong ejector airtime! Then came the 2 smooth and thrilling inversions, with some good forces and hangtime, and things were looking up as we coasted into the tunnel. The launch is very powerful, and it felt really great having it enclosed. As the train picked up some great speed, we exited the tunnel and I let out a premature &quot;wahoo!&quot;, just as the train swung quickly and abruptly to the left to head up over the lake. That turn there was brutal, and I got another massive jolt to the neck that was not at all pleasant. My girlfriend later added that that same turn would make her possibly not really want to ride Maverick again, as she spent the rest of the day with a massive headache. My neck was sore for a good while as well. Anyway, the dive down from there was also very good, and the water bombs were a nice touch! The S-curve through the canyon was cool, and the dive under the lift hill was great. The Stengel dive was also excellent and unique. The ride wraps up with a little bunny hill that produced some great airtime, then it hits the brakes. I really wanted to love this ride and rave to no end about it. And for the most part, I will say that I liked my ride on Maverick and thought it was bordering on great. But during those several instances of roughness, the ride was painful and took away from the overall experience. Seeing and reading some of the reviews below, perhaps there are ways to avoid the banging. And now having known the layout in more detail and seeing how the ride behaves, I could be better prepared for some of the sharper and more abrupt transitions. Look, like I said, I&#39;m not saying that Maverick is bad or terrible. I&#39;m just saying that for now, this is all the higher I can rate it based on our one ride. Perhaps rerides are a must to truly gain an appreciation for all this bronco can do, and I&#39;m hoping that is the case. I&#39;m eager to ride again, and if the rides are better, the rating will be adjusted accordingly. For now though, for me, Maverick is a very good coaster that just falls short of the mighty praises that have been heaped upon it. It has

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