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Magnum XL-200
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Ride Type: Steel Coaster
Ride Status: Running
Average Rating: 4.3704
TPC Overall Rank: #78 out of 2933 rides.
Reviews: 217
Last Review: 10/18/2014 9:06:00 PM
In User Top 10: 317 times.
User Tracker Count: 563 times.

Magnum Sign

Magnum XL Train

Magnum Lift

Magnum Lift II
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5 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up Woodiefan on 8/4/2007 11:50:00 PM - User's Top Ride #3
Magnum is a sweet ride with loads of airtime. The back seat at night is a must. I had the privilage of riding the year it opened. It never gets old.

4 Rating
+4 Rating Rate Down Rate Up Ooh Sexy on 8/1/2007 1:35:00 PM - User's Top Ride #5
The 2 coasters that seem to get the most attention here are Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster. Its a shame because Magnum should be one of them. Located right next to the beach and Soak City, Magnum has one of the best locations of any hyper coaster. You enter the relatively short queue and enter the futuristic station. This is one of the few low points of the ride experience: The station is a mess. I couldnt tell which row to go on because there were no handrails and no ride op to tell you. Oh well, I just headed somewhere near the back. Magnum runs 3 trains which means that the line is always moving. I love the retro trains, they have a lot of personality. As you take your seat, the ride ops staple you in, but dont worry, you will still get your insane airtime. Clear, and youre out the door. Right away there is a surprise drop that takes you by surprise if youre in the back. A turn later and you are up the lift hill. It is nowhere near as fast as MFs, but that makes it much better so you can realize how high up you are. You can see Soak City below you and the beach in front of you. When you reach the top throw your handsup, you are in for one crazy ride! Down the first drop which is just right; It has just the amount of steepness to realize how fast youre going and appreciate the drop. Up another hill, which turns just a little and you see a tiny tunnel at the bottom. "How are we going to fit through that?" But Magnum insists it will, as it charges down to reach it before you have time to contemplate your head or arms getting whipped off. Through the tunnel you go, which is nice and long with screams all around you. You go out and reach the pretzal turnaround. Unfortanutely you hit some trim brakes before it but its not too bad, as you still get flown to the side of the car. You are right next to the beach at this part which makes it even better. Another tunnel looms ahead and get prepared for the insane last half. After the tunnel you turn and hit the most insane bunny hops of any hyper coaster, hands down. You up one, slam down into another one. Repeat around 7 times. Even if you are stapled in you still get insane ejector. The best tunnel is coming up! You enter and there is a surprise bunny hop in there which gets screams from every rider and takes your picture! Probably the best picture location ever. You exit and your amazing ride is over. This is way better then those B&Ms because this has a little rough and tumble to go with it that makes the ride that much funner then the boring B&M smoothness. Dont get me wrong I love B&Ms, its just that I like my rides to be rough. Now Magnum isnt ROUGH, but you can certainly tell when the train is shaking. But thats what I love about this ride.

5 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up metssuck on 5/24/2007 10:03:00 AM
Excellent steel coaster. My favorite ride at cedar point hands down.

5 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up millforce on 5/17/2007 11:10:00 PM - User's Top Ride #19
This park just keeps the rides coming, just when you think you have been on them all, you realize you havent. The view is amazing on this one, water park and the beach. Airtime is good as well even though im more of a speed guy!

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up Hussman on 1/2/2007 1:09:00 AM
A very good coaster. I really liked the unique turn around, that was my favorite part of the ride!

3 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up sowinski on 10/8/2006 7:14:00 PM
When I rode it, I found the ride rough. The airtime and the unique layout made it good, but all of the more modern hypercoasters that I have ridden impressed me more. In my opinion it is somewhat over hyped.

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up razor12 on 9/27/2006 11:33:00 PM
The lift was very slow. It was over all pretty rough. The day we went Mean Streak was smoother then this. This was our roughest ride. BUT it was an awesome thrill! The drops were amazing! The tunnel was wicked, except it kind of hurt. They need pads on the lap bars. There wernt any on ours.

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up papa1958 on 9/11/2006 1:46:00 PM
Although this ride is tall, fast and long and has some interesting tunnel elements, it is not very comfortable to ride, especially in the front seat seat where riders are painfully smashed into the lap bars on the final bunny hills. I appreciate that Magnum was groundbreaking in its day, but why this Arrow coaster ride gets a near 9 rating, while the similar Great American Scream Machine at Six Flags Great Adventure gets a 7 rating is a mystery to me.

2 Rating
-4 Rating Rate Down Rate Up spartanfan on 8/27/2006 4:49:00 PM
Its got a very slow lift hill the belts are old
fashion and way to tight. Its way to rickety
and because the belts so tight it does not feel
good. The tunnels good and thats about the only
good thing,Oh ya did you know it was hand weldid
thats why it was so rickety I guess.

4 Rating
+1 Rating Rate Down Rate Up fergusonat on 8/16/2006 3:29:00 PM
Magnum XL-200 really surprised me in the end. Perhaps it was because I had such incredibly low expectations for this coaster after reading reviews warning of an outrageously rough and brutal ride. Even the friends I was with refused to ride Magnum because they said it was just a painful experience and I guess they just didnt want to waste time on their one day at the park. Luckily, I was coming back the very next day, so I had the chance to test out Magnum for myself. As we began to plunge down that historic drop, I cringed in fear that this coaster would be even more brutal than some of the worst reviews portended. Surprisingly, however, Magnum turned out to be not all that rough at all. I sat towards the back of the train, so there was some great floater air on the initial drop. Another healthy dose of floater air on the next few hills, then some minimally uncomfortable shuffling during the oddly-shaped turnaround. The return journey on this coaster was liberating. Insane ejector air on every single airtime hill. The ferocity of this airtime was pretty close to the level of the Phantoms airtime, which gave Magnum XL-200 some major props in my ranking of coasters. However, once again, Magnum is still a very overrated coaster. There is just no way it deserves to be in the Top 10 coasters in the world. Having said that, there is still a very solid coaster beneath the layers of overblown reputation and excessive praise that Magnum receives.

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