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Millennium Force
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Ride Type: Steel Coaster
Ride Status: Running
Average Rating: 4.8327
TPC Overall Rank: #5 out of 2933 rides.
Reviews: 321
Last Review: 10/18/2014 9:09:00 PM
In User Top 10: 645 times.
User Tracker Count: 528 times.

Millennium Force I

Millennium Force II

Millennium Force Top

Millennium Force Top II

Millennium Force Lift

Millennium Force Lift II

Millennium Force Sign

Millennium Force Sign II

Millennium Force Train

Millennium Force Train II

310 foot hill

Millennium Force's Lift Hill
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5 Rating
+2 Rating Rate Down Rate Up Scott on 11/8/2004 6:12:00 PM - User's Top Ride #1
Even after 5+ years, MF is still one of the best roller coasters in the world. The Cable lift hill is downright scary. The rest of the ride is loads of fun. Huge hills, great turns, and plenty of airtime for all. The little hill near the end provides great airtime, and the overbank is really something. Ride MF early in the morning... waits often reach 3+ hours.

4 Rating
+3 Rating Rate Down Rate Up Timberman on 10/24/2004 12:50:00 AM
Millennium Force still holds one record: it continues to be the most misspelled roller coaster on earth. Here is a ride that represents much of what troubles me about modern coaster design. Because it was built first and foremost to break records, it lacks overall balance. The layout after the first hill is unimaginative and seems designed to do nothing so much as contain the speed of the ride. MF is a trophy coaster; its big and impressive-looking but within the capabilities of most 10-year-olds. Its glassy smooth and wholly undemanding; the scenery moves by quickly, but the Gs (both positive and negative) never amount to much. Despite its big-league size, this coaster was undeniably built for the masses. And, of course, its steel.

I could go on and on with the philosophical objections, but even principle (or snobbery) cant make hate this coaster. Its just too much fun to ride. The first hill is the best on any steel coaster, and among the best, period. Big ups to CP for making the lift part of the thrill; the angle and speed of the ascent really get the adrenaline going, especially near the top when the pace increases. And, oh, mama, that drop. You wouldnt think 70 or so extra feet and few more degrees of steepness would make that much of a difference over other hypers, but they do. Where I notice it most is in the turbulence. One guy I talked to in line said the wind from the first drop actually unbuttoned his shirt. Ive always wound up riding MF at night, and I even like that Who-Wants-to-Be-a-Millionaire-esque light show and theme song.

I dont have much to add to the usual complaints about the rest of the layout except to say that its not nothing. Even hauling ass as it does, MF treats you to a nice, long ride. The overbanked and fan turns are fun, and while riding in the back, Ive caught some decent floater air on the small hill leading into the tunnel. The openess of the rolling stock is great, and the restraints arent overdone. Ive yet to be abusively stapled by a CP ride op, front or back.

One of my secret shames is that Ive always liked the song "Mmm Bop." I feel sort of the same way about MF. I cant love it unselfconsciously, but I still love it.

5 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up Tomboy on 10/7/2004 7:40:00 PM - User's Top Ride #18
Awesome, to sum it up. That first drop is just insanely cool, almost like freefall. For 300 freakin feet. And the rest aint bad at all, gotta love the tunnels and hills. Plus the flyby of the queue. Just wicked. And Yay overbanks!!!

5 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up CedraPoint on 10/3/2004 1:41:00 PM - User's Top Ride #2
Oh my goodness! This ride is amazing! This is the best roller coaster in the world! Ride it right now! It is so tall, so fast, and so fun! I waited 50 minutes for this ride, and the whole time I was freaking out. By the time I got the the station I was TOTALLY freaking out. I chose to sit in the 8th row with my sis. She had been on this ride before so she was like, its ok dont worry! Did I mention how nice the lap bars are? They feel like they were made just for you. Very comfortable. I was starting to get exciting! Now, we have zooming up the hill. No loud chain-we are going very fast. I close my eyes, we get faster. The front of the train is at the top! I open my eyes as we shoot over the top and fall faster and faster down 300 feet almost straight down! It is so smooth! I make it to the bottom! Now we turn almost upside down, still going very fast! I figure this ride is great, Im going to put up my hands! We zoom through many more hills and overbanked turns when finally we change through the last turn. The train stops smoothly and I am amazed. This was the best 2 1/2 minutes of my life! Oh my goodness! Lets go on again!!!!!!

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up skifast22 on 9/4/2004 12:21:00 PM
If i were to rate this coaster soley for the first drop, it would be a 10. But i think to be fair, i must include the rest of the track as well...there is still over 4000 of it afterall! So, after the first drop is where i get disappointed. The overall speed of the ride is fantastic. What this coaster lacks though, especially when compared to other Intamin hyper coasters is airtime. there are only 2, maybe 3 hills that you get a little air. But the airtime is really minimal when you compare it to Intamins Superman coasters. The Intamin overbanked turns are a fun element, but they are used too often on Millenium. The first one and last one are OK, but i wish they had done something a little different with the middle two...maybe they could have put a section like Supermans helix section at SFNE. At least that would have added another 1 or 2 airtime hills. So, I would rate the first drop a 10+, and the rest of the coaster a 6, so I chose 8 as an overall.

5 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up mjbc_64 on 8/30/2004 10:51:00 AM - User's Top Ride #2
I love this ride. The first drop is awesome because it feels vertical, is 300 feet, and the fast lift hill doesn’t slow down toward the top and kind of just shoots you down it. There is also a lot of air on the two hills that go to and from the island and a TON on the bunny hop by the station too. The overbanked turns are great. I especially like the two on the island. The first island turn has a lot of positives and the second feels upside down!! This is a great ride and is a must at Cedar Point!!

5 Rating
-1 Rating Rate Down Rate Up yfz450 on 8/14/2004 1:10:00 AM - User's Top Ride #2
Millenium Force, the awe inspiring coaster that I have heard so much of! Lets start with the drop, the drop is the best drop of any coaster that i have been on(lets include TTD). The speed you carry out through this whole ride is absolutely amazing. I really liked the banked turns, especially the one at the end. I absolutely love the length of this ride. This ride is worthy of the title of "best in the world". A perfect ten!

5 Rating
-3 Rating Rate Down Rate Up MGMROX on 8/8/2004 9:00:00 PM
This ride Rox! The best coaster ive ridden. Notning negative to say. Indoor coasters are better but still, this is the best!

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up BobFunland on 8/3/2004 9:54:00 PM
Millenium Force was an incredible coaster. It instantly, before the ride was even finished, had hit the top of my list. (See EDIT Below) The anticipation truly builds on the platform, but there is no time with the awesome elevator lift, leading to the best first drop that I have ever experienced. I waited 1.5 hours for the ride, and decided that to save half of an hour or more, I would take the second ros (still first car). The drop is phenomenal and it takes your breath away as you get an incredible view of the surrounding area only to be blurred by the 90+mph on the drop that sure makes you think that youre going vertical. The first banked turn was nice (all of the turns had some incredible banking), but picking up steam through the tunnel and then hitting the airtime-producing middle of the ride truly set this coaster on its way to being my favorite. As the train flys back through the tunnel and over the smaller yet floating bunny hop near the queue, one can feel nothing but pure exhilaration as the ride wraps up back into the station- this, to me, was coaster heaven.It has come to my attention that this review is dated. I have since ridden many more coasters, and quite a few were better to me than MF, so I slowly dropped it down my list and out of my top 10. Yea, I like a set of bumper cars more than Millennium, but they arent just bumpercars, they are kick-butt Lusse Skooters. Sorry if this irritates people.

4 Rating
+1 Rating Rate Down Rate Up bumprnugit on 7/31/2004 1:32:00 AM
I first rode MF its debut season. I happened to be in Cleveland for an extended work-related trip, and jumped at the chance to get to Cedar Point during the weekend with some less-than-coaster-saavy co-workers. We wound up at the front of the line for the next train, and I was torn. front or back seat? I just knew the back seat going down that first incredible drop would be gut-wrenching, but since there werent a lot of big drops designed in the ride after the initial plunge, I headed the group toward the front. air-time would rule this day. And boy, did it ever!
I committed myself to riding the full circuit hands-up and did, but with considerable fright, as I could feel my glasses start to float off my face. The negative-Gs, especially going into the tunnel the second time, are extreme. The speed is incredible, intense and constant, right up to the brake run. This ride easily earns a ten, but I personally rank SRoS @ SFNE a better ride due to its better use of layout with more hills and more airtime, and a few twister elements sprinkled in. That aside, MF is a fantastic ride, and I can only hope to get a ride in the last car to compare it to the front, and confirm my first front seat ride choice was correct. As a side note, my three co-workers found religion pretty quick, and still talk about this great ride.
********************************************** Rating Update: Score changed from 10 to 8 **********************************************
I rode MF multiple times in the front and back late August of 2008, and although the first drop was still great, the rest of the ride, although speedy, left me underwhelmed. I felt like I was just being speeded along to the station. After all, it is the journey, not the destination that matters. And I felt this journey was nowhere near the experience that SFNEs S:RoS offers.

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