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Top Thrill Dragster
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Ride Type: Steel Coaster
Ride Status: Running
Average Rating: 4.7805
TPC Overall Rank: #10 out of 2933 rides.
Reviews: 144
Last Review: 7/22/2012 8:15:00 PM
In User Top 10: 271 times.
User Tracker Count: 240 times.

Top Thrill Dragster

Flying high into the sky

Dragsters entrance

The infamous launch to 120mph

tttd l

TTD side view

Top Thrill Dragster's Sign
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5 Rating
-2 Rating Rate Down Rate Up tpcommando on 8/22/2003 12:13:00 PM - User's Top Ride #1
This is the most incredible roller coaster that I have ever ridden. Three times I waited 1 1/2 to 2 hours to ride it (and I hate lines) and it was worth it--despite the fact that it only lasts about 17 seconds. It was incredibly refreshing to ride a coaster that was very intense without excessive Gs or other punishement. It was smooth as silk and fun all of the way. In observing the returning riders on train after train, I saw very few distressed faces; instead there were expressions of joyous delight from front to back. Dont miss this phenomenal ride!

5 Rating
+6 Rating Rate Down Rate Up Paradox on 8/16/2003 9:56:00 AM
I have been obsessed with this ride ever since footers were poured last year, and after riding it I can state without reservation that this is by far the best thrill ride ever built.

Everything about Dragster is perfect. The theming is probably the best in the world, since even the spectators get caught up in the action. The ride still breaks down frequently, but this will likely become less of a problem next year....and once rocket-coaster technology is perfected this thing will probably be as reliable as a chain lifted ride. My rating will not deduct points for the closings, but rather reflect the ride when it operates at its best. The line moves surprisingly fast for the worlds tallest coaster, and credit can be given to Cedar Points multi-train operaton that some other parks ( *cough* SFNE *cough*) need to take a hint from. You are enclosed as you wait by the track, and no matter how many times the cars blast up and over the tower, your eyes stay transfixed on it counting down the laps until it is your turn.

After about an hour and ten minutes it was time and as you pull forward the combination of engines revving and repeated slow forward lurches keep you on edge thinking each time you inch forward is THE time. When THE time comes, you will know. In an instant, your head is pinned back, and after about a second and a half into the launch things really get interesting. The ride suddenly charges twice as hard and the acceleration isnt just strong, it is brutal. It literally feels like being shot from a cannon, almost as if the back of the train was rear-ended bu a runaway train. Nerves fire and vision blurs in the most awe imspiring blast of pure acceleration this side of a carrier launched jet. The sound of the track and the wind suddenly dies down to an eerie calm as you leave the launch strip and hurtle skyward to the top of the tower. The absolute peak is quiet...almost too quiet, but a perfect complement to the sensory rush of five seconds earlier. You look forward and down at Millennium Force, in a view that you will probably never forget, and then experience two seconds or so of freefall, followed by the supports of the tower blurring by into the 200 foot pullout to the finish line. After a very smooth deceleration, the bad part comes: getting off.

Overall this ride exceeded my expectations on the launch, the smoothness, and when it was running right it was a surprisingly short wait. I can see why it wasnt given more elements like Xcelerator, since capacity would be decreased. Despite my love of some of the other coasters, I would ride this once over any of them three times.

That said though, Dragster is not in my opinion the best coaster in the world. To me, the lift hill( with the anticipation that follows) is an important part of any riding experience, and the lack of other elements make it hard to place atop the entire list of coasters out there. I think coasters fall into one category, and Dragster another( and hopefully growing) one. But....to put it into perspective, coasters are a genre of thrill rides, Dragster is a thrill ride as well, and it just might be the greatest thrill ride of all. To those who havent ridden it, dont let the wait or closures discourage you. Just get into line and STAY there. You will be glad you did!

5 Rating
+1 Rating Rate Down Rate Up mecca on 8/13/2003 7:56:00 PM - User's Top Ride #2
The Top Thrill Dragster is a blast to ride. I fell in love with this ride after the first that I ridden it. The launch feels like that you are taking off for a flight to the moon. The view from the top is buetiful & gorgus, but you better enjoy the view before it is too late. The twist on the way down is very neat & great. The launch process is realy cool with the revin engine sound to it & the the countdown christmas lights to it. This ride gots some adrenline rush to it. Eventhoe the ride is about 23 seconds long but this one has become one of my top favorite one. It is a very good one to ride again & again. This coaster is like no other that I ever ridden before.

5 Rating
+4 Rating Rate Down Rate Up Big_E_Biz on 8/12/2003 5:55:00 PM - User's Top Ride #2
What a ride! There is nothing like it, i haveing the worst of luck at Cedar Point with this coaster, but got a huge break. It was around 10:45 pm my girlfriend and I were headed back to Hotel Brakers after another day of good coaster riding when I seen a yellow light out of the corner of my eye when I looked back at the tower the light was gone. So I never riding it before that day, I wasnt about to lose this chance so I said to my girlfriend "I wounder if Dragsters running." Then we went and got in line and before I knew it i was next for the 3rd row and I was pretty nervous but wanted to do it so bad nothing was going to stop me. We got on and my girlfriend was so scared she almost started crying so after a little comferting she was ready to go. Now all there was in the park were people who rode just before us and workers then it was our turn to roll out and go. After all the waiting it was 1:00am and i was going to get my ride. I heard to fins drop and then all i remember was YELLOW>YELLOW>YELLOW>GREEN, and we were off. After seeing my life flash before my eyes and seeing a piece of vertical track move closer and closer to me we were up and over but we crept over slow enough so I could get a great view of Millennium Force and the lake we were going into the spiril. After my hands were almost chopped off by the beams we were flying through the finish line at full speed. Then we hit the breaks and slowly got to the unload station and off we went. So after being scared lifeless and getting the experience of a life time we got our great picture and went back where we started and I looked back and seen a yellow light and said to my girlfriend "I wounder if Dragsters running."

4 Rating
-2 Rating Rate Down Rate Up SFMMXtreme on 8/12/2003 1:30:00 PM - User's Top Ride #5
I absolutely loved this ride. I waited about and extra 30-45 mins for the front seat but it was worth it. The launch is just like Xcelerators launch but twice as long. I waited about 2 hours and then the 30-45 mins for the front. I think that X is better but thats cause Im obsessed with X :-Þ The only thing that I didnt like was the spiral drop because it made it loose exitement. It disorients you and you cant really get a good perspective of how high you really are. It it had a drop that was like Xcelerators it would be more exciting because then you could actually see the ground coming towards you better. It is still on my top 5 though.

5 Rating
+1 Rating Rate Down Rate Up Danny on 8/11/2003 6:47:00 PM - User's Top Ride #10
This is one extreme ride. You can see it from so far out of the park, its breathtaking. The theming all around the ride is easily the best at Cedar Point, and the line itself moves pretty fast. On the first day I visited the park, the ride was broken down all day, but I came back and re-visited the park just to ride this ride. When I got there the second time, the ride was closed again. Late in teh day, around six oclock, they started testing the ride. I was so excited, I ran directly to it, prepared to wait as long as it took in line. Well, the line stretched out of the queue, past Power Tower, and around to Iron Dragons entrance. I was willing to wait that long, but when the ride broke down after waiting in line for only a couple of minutes, I decided to leave and come back. The ride finally opened again about an hour later, so I rushed into the line. I waited about 45 minutes, and then the ride broke down again. I waited about 10 more minutes, and just as it started working, it broke down again. It was finally fixed, after waiting for about twenty minutes, and just as I was about to board a few minutes later, the ride broke down again, and this time they said that the ride might be closed for the rest of the day. Needless to say, I was pissed, but I still waited in line, while others left. After about twenty more minutes, it FINALLY opened, and I got to ride. The launch was incredible, and is easily the best launch on any roller coaster, anywhere, every made. The 420 ft hill is awesome, and there are some incredible negative g-forces at the top. Going down is even better, and I cant even begin to describe how fast this ride really goes. If only it were longer, it would easily be my #1 coaster. But even after waiting for nearly two hours, and having to make two trips to Cedar Point to ride it, it was worth it. Easily one of the best rides ever built.

5 Rating
-1 Rating Rate Down Rate Up cstrfreak on 8/7/2003 3:35:00 PM - User's Top Ride #1
Amazing, if theres one coaster you got to ride in your life, its gotta be this one. The sound effects add alot to the racing theme. When i went though, they had taken off the engine on each train, and that took away from the racing theme. Anyway, to the ride. In the queue, you watch the trains launch (and occasionally come back the wrong way)and the faces on the riders faces as they come in, you think this is gonna fun and waaaaaayy easy. But as you get closer to the train in the queue line, your heart starts racing and you start getting nervous. But then its too late and your in the gate. The engine is roaring (well the speakers are) your hearts racin, and then 3-2-1 your gone. The Gs are so intense that its hard to keep your arms up and your eyes open. Your up 420 ft in just seconds. Then, for the second that you sit at the top, youre actually looking DOWN on the Millennium Force. Then coming down the spiral all you see it steel beams flying around you, and then your done. Sheer amazement. (I dont even know what sheer means, but it sounded kinda kool) I only got to ride this at night, at 12:30 at night, but it was probably better that way. Best coaster ever!

5 Rating
-1 Rating Rate Down Rate Up meowmix123 on 8/2/2003 10:40:00 PM - User's Top Ride #4
Top Thrill Dragster is hands down the most amazing rollercoaster on the planet. Just watching the thing makes me happy. First of all I would like to tell you that I was very mad before I even got to ride this ride. I had waited a total of 6 hours, on 3 separate occasions, before I even got to ride this thing. But DAMN WAS IT WORTH IT! This ride is the only coaster that compares with Millennium Force. I couldnt decide which one was overall better until I rode them each one time after another. The ONLY bad thing I could come up with was length... That is the only reason it is number 2 on my list. Even though it is only 17 seconds long, it is worth any amount of time to wait for. Okay now to my review of the ride itself. The theme is awesome!! I love it. It almost dominates the park itself. There are soo many people in line, sitting in the grandstands, just standing around watching, or just passing through the section where Dragster is. Another really cool thing I really enjoy about the ride is the countdown lights on the tower. You can see when its going to launch a train up from all over the front of the park. If the trains still had all the themeing on them it would really make the ride even better. When you pull out of that station and your sitting there waiting... and waiting to launch your adrenaline is pumping like crazy. Everyone is stareing at you down on the midway and from the grandstands and you cant do anything but wait for those lights to signal. I cant even describe the feeling you get when that green lights signals... I really wish I could though. You shoot off like a rocket! Its crazy really. By the time you are at the end of the launch you are going 120 MPH.. and its been 3.8 seconds. Going up that 420 foot hill is amazing! You seem like your never gonna make to the top of the monsterous tower. Surley enough, you do. This is another cool thing about this ride, the top. The top of this ride is where you get the view of your life. Looking down on Millennium Force is something Ill never forget. The drop down the tower is simply amazing! The twist is soo smooth and fast. After the twist you fly down the remaining hill finally hitting the 120 MPH mark again. After flying through the "finish line" all you can do is take a deep breath. You really cant describe the feeling you get while on this ride, but I can tell you it is something you have NEVER felt before! It is an experience you only dream about. From the launch to the 400 ft vertical drop, this ride is truely amazing. It is only number 2 becuase of the length. Go ride this thing as soon as you can!

5 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up CoastrCraz on 7/28/2003 4:58:00 PM - User's Top Ride #5
This is the best ride on the planet. They dont close it if it doesnt make it up the tophat. I went front seat and it rolled back. We got to launch again and ride it all over. Great experience Front seat has an insane view of the 270 degree turn. Everyone knows how much I liked MF, but this blows it away. Even though it brakes down way too much, once you ride it, you will worship it, and you say sorry to it for even thinking it would suck because of how much it brakes down. We rode it 3 times. One time in the morning, once in front, rolled back, and one time at night, again awesome. The wait was back to Corkscrew when we got to it, and it was worth every second of my wait. I recommend this to everyone. A must ride. You cant possibly believe how cool 120 mph feels, and it doesnt feel like it will ever let up and the turns up and down are amazing. The feeling when you get up to the starting line is worth the wait itself, loking up at what you are about to do. Great, great, great.

5 Rating
-2 Rating Rate Down Rate Up MeLaPeAch on 7/25/2003 2:42:00 PM - User's Top Ride #2
:-D TTD was one of the greatest rides I have ever ridden. I went last Friday with Rockstar18 and all I can say is that everyone should ride it no matter how many times it breaks down. Actually, I think it would be an even bigger thrill for the train to roll back down the hill instead of going over it completely.

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