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 Review of Rudys Rapid Transit @ Santas Village
-1 Rating Posted by: mrceagle on 10/19/2001 1:10:00 PM
A fun ride they run is twice to keep the lines up. It’s a standard trivolli double figure eight coaster. One nice thing is the very nice landscaping around it. The coaster came From Bensons/New England play world In Hudson NH. Its was my very first coaster.

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RAM20884 on 3/9/2003 2:22:06 AM said:
god i havent been to santas village in years..like 8 of them. it used to be a big trip to storyland, then santas village then six gun city. this was always my favorite ride out of all of them..a little more thrilling than polar coaster.
mrceagle on 4/1/2003 11:35:16 AM said:
I agree its more thrilling. put the Poller coaster is alot more interesting. beig the first terain coaster in the north east. and one of the first in the world. the park has expanded a bit with new rides and a 3D/4D show.
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