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 Review of Déjà Vu @ Six Flags Over Georgia
-1 Rating Posted by: zuben13 on 8/23/2001 8:33:00 PM
deja vu rocks it has everything a coaster need!! great great great

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xDisney on 8/25/2001 7:53:20 PM said:
Deja Vu isnt open yet
zuben13 on 8/25/2001 9:51:29 PM said:
i work for sfog and is tester
xDisney on 8/25/2001 10:09:21 PM said:
Thats a good one ! You must work with Force88. Funny you dont mention anything in your other reviews about being a "ride tester". You only mention standing in long lines with your buddies like the rest of us regular folk. BUSTED
zuben13 on 8/27/2001 6:10:52 PM said:
ah, yes but I was an honary tester for deja vu and yes i do work for sfog, just not like you think. i work in relations and advetising not at the park
EBOB8 on 8/27/2001 6:39:36 PM said:
He may be telling the truth. I dont think anyone would be stupid enough to write a lie like that.
xDisney on 8/28/2001 9:33:32 PM said:
I checked it out and found that Deja Vu operated for employees on 8-25-01 to test the systems with riders.
EBOB8 on 8/29/2001 4:09:08 PM said:
so that would mean hes lying. I guess you were rite. I still think that sometimes a different opinion is not a lie.
zuben13 on 8/29/2001 7:25:27 PM said:
you dont understand! deja vu at sfog has been ready for about 2 weeks!! i rode as an honary guest/tester a few days later. employees are workers who work at the park! dont judge my answer!
EBOB8 on 8/29/2001 9:37:21 PM said:
i did belive you but the facts seem to say your lying. Even if you did ride it you should have waited to post it.
zuben13 on 8/30/2001 5:10:07 PM said:
beleive what you must. i cannot force you to beleive me. look again employees (im an employee,but in higher class)are the ride instructors. you are right i should have waited. sorry, but i did ride it.
EBOB8 on 9/4/2001 11:20:26 AM said:
arghhhhhhhhh! i dont know what to belive anymore. Luckily I couldnt care less whether it was a lie or the truth anymore.
BobFunland on 11/30/2004 6:38:54 PM said:
I wish you guys realized that zuben really does work for the park... too bad he was put into the same category as Force88
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