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 Review of Cyclone @ Astroland
-2 Rating Posted by: mrceagle on 8/23/2001 12:39:00 AM
Two words, Mind blowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review Comments

nyeboy9 on 2/7/2007 3:44:20 PM said:
WARNING! You have come to a review that B&MRULES! wants to use to talk to mrceagle. Please hit the back button immediately and forget what you have seen. That is all.
Danny on 2/7/2007 4:02:43 PM said:
B&M, if you comment at all on this review from over five years ago, I will throw myself off of a building.
mrceagle on 2/7/2007 8:08:37 PM said:
Get it on video would you! so what if he wants to talk to me for some reason.
nyeboy9 on 2/7/2007 8:12:47 PM said:
I dont think that you read the FON, but he made a thread begging for your help.
mrceagle on 2/7/2007 8:35:27 PM said:
I saw it thats what made me look for my Cyclone Review which I havent really looked at it in a while.
B&MRULES! on 2/7/2007 9:02:00 PM said:
Crap everyones here now i cant say what i was going to say. That SUCKS!
taylorb251 on 2/7/2007 10:11:24 PM said:
Then why start a thread telling him to "meet you here". Just use your brain.
adriahna on 2/7/2007 11:02:45 PM said:
Well heck, now that Ive made my way over here out of sheer curiosity, I can honestly say this - great review, mrceagle - this is basically all that really needs to be said, in regards to such a great coaster...
Scott on 2/8/2007 12:06:54 AM said:
Wow - Im speechless... Honestly.
Lin48 on 2/10/2007 11:49:07 AM said:
There was gonna be a rumble here?

I should just never leave this site.
Animan1 on 2/10/2007 8:04:39 PM said:
Wow, this is actually the first time I have looked in here after the comments started being posted. B&M, you are just too much..."now everyone is here"...well, you were the moron that told us you were going to be here in the first place! I know that you thread was only "addressed" to mrceagle, but you must have known that sheer curiosty would draw us here! I really try to give you the benefit of the doubt, but like Scott said, its just...wow.
mrceagle on 2/11/2007 9:10:09 PM said:
mrceagle26 is my AIM mrc_eagle is my yahoo use one of those. Adriahna - Thanks for the comments. I didnt feel much else could be said without repeating allot of information that had been said before. Lin - its great to see you back Ive missed you. You should definitely be around more often.
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