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 Review of Ninja, The @ Six Flags Over Georgia
0 Rating Posted by: BobFunland on 8/19/2001 9:46:00 PM
Ninja: The Black Belt of Coasters. Huh, I thought it ment "Kung Pow: The Ride". That is about the level of Ninja, at this point is is a mere laugh in the face of the amusement industry. I do have good things to say about it too. My advice would be to ride this headbanger in the back, where it is abnormally less rough in the back from my experience. The whip on the top from the back is nice, really a sweet little tug. The first too loops are real nice, one after another and not too rough. The headchoppers on Ninja are nice as well, with gigantic white supports poking out above the track multiple times. The setting normally would be good, except it blocks the view of the Scream Machince, taking away the ability for the beautiful lumber to reflect in the pond. Oh well. Thats all good I have to say about Ninja, and against the old saying, I will express the bad things about this ride. If you do not ride in the back, it will be more rough than a corroding, demented woodie. My most recent ride was in the front seat, obliging to the requests of my guest. Oh, the agony of Ninja hit us both, rattling every bone from the vertebrae up, disorienting us for quite some time, all while making the ride so painful and uncomfortable the good parts were overshadowed by the unenjoyable in the OTSRs. Bad Vekoma :nono: Well, now I see why I was so scared 12 years ago. Let me elaorate: my father forced me to ride Ninja at the age of 6, and it scared the living daylights out of me, and until about four years ago, I did not return to looping coasters. Imagine that, this coaster that almost scared me to death still haunts me, only with horrid pain nowadays. The only thing that keeps luring be to this looper is short lines and a decent ride for the back seat.Now for the rating, which I originally gave a 5. Now, I am going to lower it to a 3, with my back row successes being the only thing saving it from being a 2. Its rough as Teddy Roosevelt, and lacking in overall experience, its just a coaster designed to pack a bunch of inversions (5) into a small space..
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