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 Review of Steel Force @ Dorney Park
-1 Rating Posted by: chrisco on 8/3/2001 2:10:00 PM
Very fun coaster but its kinda a clone and it really doesnt do anything u dont expect

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Gosquan on 7/8/2005 10:43:04 AM said:
How is it a clone? Its the first hyper coaster in the northeast ever to go over the 200 mark.
jdale on 12/1/2005 4:39:57 PM said:
Well, its pretty identical to Mamba, Wild Thing, and Steel Dragon 2000 so it might be considered a "clone".
Hercules on 12/1/2005 4:48:43 PM said:
Well yes, they are similar, but that is because they are made by the same company. The track styles are the same. Im sure it is similar to Mamba and Wild Thing, but it is nothing like Steel Dragon. But in the end, it is definately not a clone of anything and yes it was the first hyper on the east coaster. They were probably refering to like Magnum or something.
Horizons12 on 12/4/2005 12:51:38 PM said:
This coaster definately reminds me of Magnum XL-200, only Magnum has sort of an L shaped layout. This review needs more than one sentence though.
Scott on 12/4/2005 3:31:36 PM said:
Steel force was lame... It was like a mine train with large drops.
Horizons12 on 12/4/2005 5:34:25 PM said:
lol, you really thought it was THAT bad?!
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