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 Review of Desperado @ Bufallo Bills Hotel Casino
0 Rating Posted by: WestCoaster570 on 8/13/2013 12:13:00 PM
I've had many rides on desperado and even a personal ride, and I still could really come to a proper conclusion. It feels like it was a once great ride that is ruined by roughness, like ghostrider. The lift is slow and suspenseful the whole way up. The drop is surprisingly fun and in the back seat, you get a good feeling of ejector airtime, one of the better drops out there, which is surprising considering its not very steep. You pull up to a giant turnaround/helix which can give a quick burst of air at the top. Then the roughness begins. The helix was brutal, it is so bumpy that's it's borderline unbearable. You get a good sense of speed as you fly toward the camelbacks. The first 2 give really good air most notably the second one. The camelbacks were surprisingly smooth but don't get your hopes up. The rest of the ride is about as rough or even rougher than the helix that came before! The rest of the ride is nothing really special, just a helix and a cools headchopper. I can probably marathon a good 5-6 rides on this without being physically unable to do so. I've had some average rides on this and some excellent rides on this, so ill just give it a 4/5 because this will definitely be a really fun coaster it they fixed the roughness. Just like shag said, the ride doesn't seem to offer the same ride every visit, some days it's really fun other days its almost unbearable.
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