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 Review of Magnum XL-200 @ Cedar Point
0 Rating Posted by: CoasterWars on 7/8/2013 11:12:00 PM
Okay remember my review about Millennium Force? Well... that was for the middle row. Just did front row on both XL-200 and Force and WOW! What a difference. However, for our central passengers, Magnum is the way to go. This entire critique is not solely based on comparisons, but in ways this 205 foot hypercoaster is more unnerving than its 310-foot successor and here is why: On Force, when ascending, it is a brisker ascend (thanks to the cable-lift). With Magnum, you can feel every second as you go up the lift hill. Not only that but the tunnels are much more expansive, leaving you in pitch darkness for an extra few seconds. Okay, comparisons are over. XL is overlooked for not being the tallest, nor the fastest, nor the newest coaster of the park. However, the first drop still offers a long, slow descend, tons of hills, and some pretzel-like wrap-around mid-way into the ride (which by the way, I find underrated but I also said Millie was overrated). As far as smoothness goes; the lap bar can grow to be irksome with its later drops (boy that thing is taut!), but the ride is smooth none the less. Only complaints are the first drop just does not do it for me (airtime that is); however I felt several pops of air toward the rest of the ride, and I still think the layout is pretty good. Middle row is actually not intimidating, but front (surprisingly)... kind of is. It feels longer to drop (and having no real sides at the end of your train really does not help prevent this feeling). But all in all, a solid ride.
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