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 Review of Face/Off @ Kings Island
0 Rating Posted by: TheVipppppppper on 6/12/2012 12:45:00 AM
Wow the dreade boomerang my first time on such a hated ride design was awesome. This ride was great probably because it had trains facing each other so you could laugh at people's reactions. Worst part of MY ride was the people across from me typical teenage girls going to the amusement park uhhh. Starters they SCREAMEDDDDD I mean I was in physical pain from the harpys death screech. I felt my ears ring from the noise so many times I have had to deal with the screamers it really ruins the ride when you get the worst kind. Standing next to these fine people hearing them talk about how old the wooden rides are and how horrible they are ( they probably rode the beast check my review of that to see why) we get on invertigo and the stationhas these fence door things one of the gals almost walked right into it she was gabbing so much. I took the natural facing position forward on first circuit backwards next and up the hill we go these girls were like omg at least 20 times than the pin that was pulled to unleash the audio assault the drop down through the station into the cobra roll down Ito the loop and up the hill. Then we drop again and repeat and arrive back at the stationthe girls after hearing my kind words o. Ride gave me there B ATCH stares and left all high and mitey. The ride experience minus screeching females was awesome forceful smooth and just unique to look into someone's face as you ride.
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