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 Review of Demon @ Six Flags Great America
0 Rating Posted by: TheVipppppppper on 6/4/2012 5:18:00 PM
The demon at six flags great America an arrow dynamics loopscrew with a retro theme from the 70s has a lot of charm through it's 34 year history. The demon according to many Other critics is one of the smoothest arrow dynamics loopers why that is so is unknown. The ride operates three trains on very busy days only similar to corkscrew at cedar point. The demon begins with a dip throughout a tunnel and onto the lift hill, once at the crest the train dips down into a banked turn 180 degrees.Straight ing out the train dives down the first drop into sOme straight track before the near back to back loops which are surrounded by awesome looking rock formations, with a rock archway threading the second loop. After the two loops the demon goes through a lengthy tunnel lined with tracer lights giving A great retro feel again. Emerging from the tunnel the demon goes up an incline onto the MCBR where it is slowed dramatically after slowly rolling around a turn the train drops right through the tunnel rock formation with a waterfall into the corkscrews actually crossing the train tracks. After the corkscrew the demon goes through a helix up into the long final break run back into the station, overall the demons a great nostalgia trip and a great first time looper and never has a line longer than thirty minutes a must ride
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