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 Review of Aladdins Magic Carpet Ride @ Disney Quest
1 Rating Posted by: Gjinckxs on 2/19/2012 9:04:00 AM
Having been to the parks 7 times already, all through out my childhood. I've had a chance to watch the parks grow. The Tech in this ride was first introduced at Epcot center, in the Inoventions Center. It was a small show that ran throughout the day, and you would cram into a small room where a man with a lab coat would talk to you about VR, and it's need in upcoming technology. You would walk around in a VR world of Venice. The GFX were very OLD PC to today's standards. Then it changed a few years later, to the same place in Epcot, but it was a lot bigger show, and still only one person from the crowd had a chance to ride. But this time it was the Aladdin ride we know from Disney Quest now. Still it was just a showcase for the upcoming technology. Then when Disney Quest was first opened, they moved from Epcot, and started the Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride. Pro's 1) Great new Technology that showcases how VR can be used in a gaming setting, and how your perception of others can be changed to fit the game world. 2) The world of agraba was detailed highly, and was a pleasure to look at. The world was vast, and it almost seemed like I didn't have enough time to explore and see what it had to offer, before I was shoved off onto the next task. 3) Being able to enjoy it with the whole family was fantastic. It made it a lot more fun than just me in the game, with people watching me on stage. Cons 1) The helmet was very bulky and didn't fit as well as it could (Though it had to be made to fit everyone's head) The design hasn't changed since 1995. 2) The seat was not all that comfortable seeing as your supposed to be gripping a carpet and not a bike. It made the controls very strange and a little disorienting. 3) After the ride was over, not only did I feel angrily sick, but both my parents were sick as well. (This may just be the older version of the ride and it may well have been fixed in an update since 2002. My 12 year old sister loved it at the time! In short, beware of this ride. It's been using technology created in the early to mid 90's, which makes it very sub-par to today's technological standards. It would be a great ride, but it definitely needs an update!
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