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 Review of Mad Mouse @ Michigans Adventure
0 Rating Posted by: STWoodBlur on 6/12/2010 5:00:00 PM
Let me just say this... I have been on a Reverchon mouse, a MACK mouse, and this Arrow mouse. And overall, I would have to say that this Wild Mouse is the best that I have ever been on, in my opinion. However, others might not enjoy it as much as I did. Looks This coaster is gorgeous. The colors are gaudy while not being out-of-place, and finally there is a wild mouse coaster without those ugly as crap latticework supports! A single, consolidated pole is much better-looking and a lot less tacky than a bunch of latticework, and the support structure is somewhat intriguing because a single pole will have arms coming out of it from all angles supporting 2 or 3 different parts of the track! The trains are colored to stick out among the forest of yellow support poles, which makes it quite an interesting sight from the road. Finally, as is with everything else at Michigan's Adventure, the landscaping is phenomenal, with flowers and trees lining the queue and the rest of the ride. Experience The cars on this ride are well-built with stadium seating (that really makes a HUGE difference) and extremely smooth tracking. The upper part of this wild mouse is OK, the very first turn after the lift hill being quite scary. As for the rest of the top, it is a bit harshly braked, but that's not what really shines (or sucks) about this ride anyway. Right after the last hairpin curve is a banked spiral into a jerkingly steep drop, which seems to me to be the ride's signature element, producing a LOAD of airtime at quite a surprise! This point is when the awkward track work begins though. The drops are very jerky, and the curves start out flat like above, but then they actually bank in the middle and then become flat again, all in the middle of a circular curve. This produces some strange G forces, and can be quite neck-snapping, moreso than the curves on top. Not all will enjoy it. Another odd aspect is that the final curve is perfectly banked, with a smooth lead-in and lead-out at a high speed! It's almost as if Arrow finally learned how to build curves right but didn't want to change what they had already designed! Overall It may be jerky but the stadium seating and the beautiful colors and landscaping make up for it, so I am going to recommend this ride as long as you don't mind getting thrown about every which way, in some cases quite violently. This coaster
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