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 Review of Bizarro @ Six Flags Great Adventure
1 Rating Posted by: weaver23 on 8/12/2009 10:20:00 AM
Medusa, now redesigned as Bizzaro is a unique and thrilling coaster. This past off season the ride was redesigned as Superman's opposite and the theme works wonderfully. A soundtrack pumps you up through the entire ride as music blasts in your ears, fire, mist tunnels, and spiked head choppers assault you throughout the ride. I only rode Bizarro once on my trip to SFGADV, but when I did ride, I made no mistake and rode front seat to get the full floorless experience. The coaster starts out with a dip to the left and into the tall lift. After reaching the top you fly down into the first drop, and that's when the unusual feeling of the floorless coaster sets in. Your feet just dangling inches ABOVE the track is quite unnerving. At the bottom of the drop, there is a misted superman tunnel that flashes as you fly through it, the effect would be cooler at night but even in the day time it still adds to the experience. After this you enter a loop which packs the positive G's. After this drop you fly into a dive loop which provides some positive G's and hangtime. Flying through the end of the loop fire blasts all around you and really takes you by surprise. Then comes the glorified Zero G roll. This maneuver is executed amazingly. The whole rides seems to come at you at lightning speed until this inversion. Time seems to slow as you float through mid air in the Zero G roll, and then fly back down into the cobra roll. The cobra roll packs some more positive G's and really disorients you. After this Bizarro throws you into a MCBR of which the lead into provides some great floater air. After slowing slightly the coaster takes a dive into a helix around and through some two dimensional buildings. The helix sucks you back into your seat momentarily and really packs the G's in. Next you fly over a banked turn and into the corkscrew combo. The corkscrews fly over a spiked headchopper which sprays mist at you. As you fly over this thing it seems for a split second like you will hit it. Then you round a mini hammerhead and back through another disorienting corkscrew. The coaster then twists and turns through some banked turns and then into the brakes. Overall Bizarro has a great theme, a great ride althogether, and combines a mix of exciting and thrilling elements. My brother seemed to be rattled around by Bizarro but I found it super smooth, especially in the front seat. It's not to be missed at SFGADV.
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