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 Review of El Toro @ Six Flags Great Adventure
1 Rating Posted by: weaver23 on 8/9/2009 6:35:00 PM
On my trip to Six Flags Great Adventure, the ride I most anticipated was the number one wooden roller coaster in the world, and the best rated coaster on this site. El Toro. After riding several coasters at the park today I couldn't wait any longer to ride this much hyped Intamin Masterpiece. I had heard for so long of El Toro's insane drop and incredible airtime but couldn't imagine what it would throw at me. Luckily today was a beautiful and hot day, with short lineups, which meant we waited a total of about 20 minutes for 2 rides on Toro. As we boarded the train in the very back my heart pumped wildly. I was very nervous to see what this bull would do to buck me off. As we left the station and turned to the left I looked up the massive 181 foot lift. We then engaged the cable lift and were pulled up the hill at extreme speeds. This lift may even be faster than Millenium Force, which is quite unnerving on a wooden coaster. You then slow slightly at the top of the lift and turn to the left once again. Since we sat in the back of the train the drop starts before you even exit the turn. The train pulls you over the steep cliff like drop and rips you out of the sky with incredible force. You are absolutely pinned to the restraints until the bottom of the drop. After this insane drop the bull sucks you back into your seats. The head choppers at the base of the drop are a great effect as well, and I had to put my hands down for fear of losing them altogether. The coaster then takes another trip skyward this time once again hurling you out of your seats and into the restraints. The airtime on this coaster is just unmatchable. Since the train is so long by the time the back of the rain is at the apex of the hill the front is nearing the bottom, and because of this every drop is filled with airtime as well, because the back of the train is travelling at such highspeeds. The Coaster then takes you over another insanely wild airtime filled hilled, and then into a hill that leads into banked downward sloping hill to the right. This turn packs some crazy vertical G's and is banked quite high. The turn then travels to the left and crosses over the bottom of the last hill. El toro then takes you down another airtime filled drop and over another airtime hill. This hill is a tad bit tamer than the rest, but still packs some great floater air. Toro than travels over another hill and into a steeply banked turn to the left that has some great headchoppers on it. Then the coaster flys up into the air and over the MOST INTENSE moment of airtime you could ever imagine. Being in the back of the train the front starts accelerating on the drop and the back speeds up so quickly the train is ripped over the hill and your body is thrown into the sky and the force of the intense negative G`s almost becomes too much by the time you hit the bottom. And the bull doesn`t want to let up anytime soon. The coaster then travels through a series of banked turns similar to those on Maverick. Your thrown the side like a rag doll, twisting this way and that, and then over two more twisted airtime hills until Toro finally lets up. Overall the coaster is too much for words. You can`t imagine it till you experience it. As soon as it hit the brakes it became my Number 1 roller coaster.
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