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 Review of Raging River @ Adventureland
0 Rating Posted by: rln6377 on 7/15/2009 4:48:00 PM
This is one of my favorite ride styles and from what I understand this is one of the older versions of the ride. Unfortunately, thats not going to translate into a great rating. At least not from me it won't. As you approach the line you have to cross over a bridge of water. The trees really help set up a great atmosphere for this ride. You really feel as if you are heading into the jungle. The loading station is kept cool with fans and thats a good thing as this ride BY FAR had the longest wait when I was there. But don't worry, a long line at adventureland is nothing compared to a long line at some other parks. Now onto the actual ride itself. As i said, the setting really add to the atmosphere of this ride. But the actual experience is lacking. There are no geysers shooting water at you. and the actual rapids are very tame with no drops whatsoever. At the very end is a cave with a waterfall running over the exit. There is only a small part with no water running down so chances are your going to get soaked. This just seems like a very cheap stunt to get you wet in a ride with the actual rapids are lacking. Albeit a much appreciated stunt as it was hot, this is just a mediocre and short river rapids ride. Not bad, but can't compete with a lot of other nicer parks versions.
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