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 Review of Behemoth @ Canadas Wonderland
0 Rating Posted by: Nlfreakk on 5/24/2009 12:14:00 AM
I just came back from a school trip where we rode Behemoth and on the way back I was itching to review it.
I had very high expectations about this new ride. Finally, turns out it deserves all the hype it receives, plus more.

I thought every aspect of it was excellent.
Sure, it could have been more forceful at times, but damn, sometimes who cares of perfection. We all got out amazed and truly happy of the experience had gotten. The new trains were superb, the views were amazing, the first drop was exhilirating, the hammerhead turnaround wasn't very strong but high and exciting, the helixes also weren't that forceful but were still extremely entertaining and actually had good G-forces, all the hills had thrilling floater airtime and Gs at their bottoms and the overall smoothness was spectacular, once again.

As a verdict, I thought Behemoth was excellent, and I'm glad B&M did not bust it like Goliath at SFLaRonde, not to say made it a masterful thrill. Best ride in Canada, and perhaps a real treat to the classics dominating the poll.
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