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 Review of The Riddlers Revenge @ Six Flags Magic Mountain
0 Rating Posted by: chang on 5/16/2009 3:37:00 AM
Chang at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom was my favorite stand-up for many years, maybe even my favorite coaster in general, until I made it over to try over Riddler. Not shockingly at all it's the same designer, and they just umped the ante on what made Chang great. The ol' 'let's make it bigger and better and longer than our last one' type deal. Interestingly after a few years of uping the ante every couple of years ('Mantis,' 'Chang,' 'Riddler's Revenge') the stand-up evened out and there hasn't been a new one since 1999 or so, over a decade later Riddler is still the tallest, longest fastest stand-up there is. The ride itself can be daunting, as it stands quite a bit higher than 'Batman: the Ride' or the recent 'Green Lantern: First Flight' addition, but it's worth it. It's smooth, fast and furious with some great inversions, from that huge signature B&M first loop coming out of the first drop to the . The theme job is Six Flags theme jobs at it's best, which means okay at best. The inside of the train station sometimes feels more like mini-rave with lightning straight out of the Ridler's hideout from 'Batman Forever,' sometimes no lightning effects at all. If it's a busy day, it can be a little insane inside the train building as you start to decide which row to go into. On the busier days it can have a pretty decent line, but compared to nearby rides like 'Lantern' or 'Scream,' the line can be considered barely there. Plus with two trains running (usually) and 4-per row, it's a quick turnaround. Also, you are standing up and the ride can get windy just standing in the cars waiting to head out even before going 60MPH, just a tip, yes I'm talking to you 19-year old attention whore in the school girl skirt, no mystery to your riddle. All in all, a don't miss from SFMM.
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