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 Review of Bilge-Rat Barges @ Islands of Adventure
1 Rating Posted by: Canobie Coaster on 2/16/2009 9:54:00 PM
Islands of Adventure really is the king of water rides. Not only do they have one of the best flumes out there in Ripsaw Falls and the best splashdown boat attraction I’ve ever been on, but they also have far and away the best river rapids ride I’ve ever been on! Now granted I haven’t been on all that many rapids rides, but after my multiple rides on Popeye, I am fairly confident that no other rapids ride out there can match the soaking, unique experience Popeye provided.

Located in Toon Lagoon along with Ripsaw Falls, Popeye shockingly enough didn’t have any wait whatsoever during my visit. This is largely due in part to the ride’s impressive capacity and incredibly efficient loading system which utilizes a massive revolving platform just as Animal Kingdom’s Kali River Rapids does. However, unlike Kali River Rapids, Popeye delivers a satisfying ride experience from beginning to end.

Once dispatched, there is no possible way to come off this attraction day. Literally around every corner there is a massive rapid or a unique water sprayer to drench riders from head to toe. As expected, the numerous rapids were everything they should be, powerful and drenching, as they sent torrents of water cascading over the side of the boat soaking riders. But what really stood out were the various water elements unique to this attraction such as the absolutely drenching tugboat, the unavoidable waterfall, and the various sprayers scattered throughout.

But by far my favorite portion of the attraction is the car wash portion. What may appear like a standard lift hill quickly turns into a soaking endeavor complete with waterfalls, misters, and sprayers that get everyone on the boat from a wide variety of angles. But the excitement doesn’t stop there, as once cresting the lift hill, there’s a surprisingly fast twisting drop that seemingly goes on forever. The raft just flies down this incline, and once at the bottom, well, let’s just say I have never ever seen a bigger wall of water devour a raft than this one. And I thought the splashdown following Kali’s drop got me soaked! Just the sheer size of this wave has to be experienced since it really is indescribable.

Not only is the entire attraction an enjoyable and totally soaking adventure from beginning to end, but it is also incredibly long as well, as it lasts somewhere around 6 minutes or so! Year after year this continually receives praise as the best river rapids ride out there, and boy is it worthy of all the acclaim it receives. Definitely give Popeye a ride while at the park since it is far and away the best river rapids ride I have ever experienced. Just make sure to pack a bathing suit since there is no possible way to come off dry!
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