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 Review of Griffon @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg
1 Rating Posted by: praxis on 9/11/2008 11:00:00 PM
First of the so-called &quot.dive coasters&quot. I&#39.ve been on - and it&#39.s really frickin&#39. good. Like everything at BGE, it looks terrific and is well integrated with the rides that surround it. This baby blue, floorless machine seats 30... in 3 rows of 10. odd, and not the oddest thing about it. When you reach the top of the first hill and are about to drop, there&#39.s a pregnant pause as the coaster leaves you hanging on the edge of the drop looking down. Straight down, over 200&#39. down (rivaling the hypercoasters in size). The pause is a stroke of genius, and definitely makes the front row optimal. you&#39.ll see over the edge from the back 2 rows, but not as scarily as from the front. Then it&#39.s the superb drop (you remain parallel to the ground, facing straight down for most of it), high speeds, a couple well-executed inversions, another face-down drop (smaller than #1, of course, but still cool) and on to the coaster&#39.s oddest feature. In fact, maybe the oddest of any coaster: towards the end you go over a small pool, close to the surface, spraying water off both sides. You yourself won&#39.t get wet - the water travels behind you in your wake - but it sure looks impressive when you watch others riding. The only small flaw in the Griffon is that it.s a tiny bit on the brief side. Still and all, it just might be the best of The 5 at BGE, no small feet.
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