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 Review of Tower of Terror @ Disney-MGM Studios
2 Rating Posted by: Canobie Coaster on 9/6/2008 10:52:00 PM
Tower of Terror was definitely one of the most anticipated attractions during my Orlando trip this year since I unfortunately had never been on it before. For years had regretted my decision of not trying what is often regarded as the best drop tower out there. When I think of Disney, thrills certainly are not my first thought, but Tower of Terror certainly is a top-class thrill ride to be reckoned with.

The experience begins with the typical, outstanding Disney theming. Arguably this is Disney’s finest work as they really made the whole attraction look and feel like a haunted, luxurious, five-star hotel. I love the tower’s picturesque exterior since it certainly has that creepy aura about it while maintaining a luxurious appearance. But once in line the exemplary theming continues with a beautiful garden surrounding the mysterious hotel and the lobby, which is definitely the crowing achievement of the attraction’s theming in my opinion. Disney’s attention to detail is second to none for sure, as amidst the once glamorous lobby furniture now are perfectly placed cobwebs that really give the lobby that rundown appearance. But the theming doesn’t stop there, as it continues in the pre-show room, and boiler room (loading area).

Eventually there comes the final section of the queue, which occupies the eerie boiler room. Disney really is the master of capacity, as they have multiple loading areas and each area is very well organized so the whole process is swift and painless. Each elevator has 3 rows of seats, with my favorite row being far and away the front just because of the unobstructed view. Also, the restraints are far more comfortable and less obstructive than on normal drop towers, with simple seatbelts replacing the standard over the shoulder restraints, a major plus because of the added freedom and comfort they provided.

Once “checking in” the first half begins, which is essentially a dark ride. While not at all thrilling like the second half, all of the effects are pulled of to perfection and they all really had me wondering how the heck Disney executed them. By far my favorite of all the effects was the elevator moving out of the shaft. It’s absolutely amazing how Disney was capable of performing that and it really adds to the haunted nature of the ride. Then the car enters the drop shaft to enter…The Twilight Zone.

Upon in the drop shaft, the ride initiates a totally random, but always thrilling drop sequence combining gut-wrenching drops and swift climbs. Each and every one of the drops were absolutely breathtaking, giving insane moments of sustained air-time the whole way down along with an incredible stomach-dropping sensation no S and S drop tower, or any other ride for that matter, has ever provided me. One drop alone probably would have been a definite 10 out of 10 for me, so multiple drops just made this ride unreal. Not only were the drops intense, but the speedy climbs were great as well, giving great moments of sustained floater air at the very top and the whole way back down. No matter how many times I rode the whole experience and sensations never got old.

Tower of Terror is far and away one of the best attractions in all of Disney, just behind Splash Mountain for the best. Not only that, but it also is way better than almost every other roller coaster I’ve been on. In fact, Tower of Terror actually makes it onto my all-time top ten ride list! Quite an accomplishment for a drop tower. But the ride is much more than just a drop tower in my opinion- it’s an all-around great experience combining gut-wrenching drops with incredible theming to make a totally immersive and quality ride experience. This certainly is a can’t miss attraction at Disney and is definitely not a ride for the faint of heart that any thrill seeker couldn’t consider missing while at Disney.
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