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 Review of Incredible Hulk Coaster @ Islands of Adventure
0 Rating Posted by: DDfan on 9/4/2008 3:56:00 PM
The Hulk, B&M&#39.s only lanuching coaster. One of my favorite coasters. This ride sarts out with a 2-40 MPH into a zero-g-roll before the intial drop. The launch is farily good the Zero-g-roll is the best part of the ride. This ride then throws you at 67 MPH through the world&#39.s biggest cobra roll. The ride then enters a large loop then goes under a mist filled bridge. The ride exits the bridge and goes up into two overbanked curves. The frist corkscrew then comes after the curves. The ride exits the corkscrew then goes down into a loop and that loop goes over the mid course brake. After the loop the ride slams you into a hard banked turn then you enter the midcourse brake. On the drop after the brakes you get a nice little pop of floater air then into the final inversion the 2nd corkscrew. The ride then goes throgh a hard banked curve and then into antoher ground hugging curve in which your picture is taken. The ride then enters the final brakes. A slow speed curve is taken after the frist set of brakes. You then enter the Launching/Loading tunnel. This is a High speed ride from the launch to the final brakes. There is a loud roaring soud this ride makes that can be heard throught the park.
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