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 Review of Top Thrill Dragster @ Cedar Point
0 Rating Posted by: shag9004 on 8/9/2008 5:02:00 PM
Times Riden: 12 Dates Ridden: Summer of 2006, 2007, 2008. Are you ready for Top Thrill Dragster? While this ride has been often criticized for being too short (approximately 15 seconds), the simple fact of the matter is that it is currently the 2nd tallest and fastest coaster in the world. After riding it for the first time back in 2006, it immediately landed at # 2 in my overall rankings and stayed in my top 5 for a long while. Recently, after riding Kingda Ka and Xcelerator, the novelty of the launch and speed had worn off a little and this ride dropped a little in my view. However, this past summer we waited the extra time for a front row seat around 11:30 PM and the result was a great experience. The speed seems much faster when sitting in the front with nothing in front of you except the track. The visuals are better and you seem to hang over the top hat before plunging back down the 420 foot drop. This ride is constantly compared to the two coasters I listed above and I believe it is much better. The main advantage Dragster has is its simple restraint system consisting of a seat belt and lap bar. Your entire upper body is free giving one the impression that they are actually flying. Yes, the lines are long and the ride itself suffers more downtime than other coaster I am aware of, but riding TTD is an experience like no other. All things considered, it is not the complete experience that a B and M hyper coaster offers, but after my front seat ride I am placing it at # 10 in my list as well as bumping it back up to my 3rd favorite steel coaster.

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bumprnugit on 9/10/2008 9:38:53 PM said:
I heartly agree that TTD'..s restraints make a big difference in the overall experience compared to KK. I rode both about 45 days apart, and the restraint type distinguished the two rides noticeably, whereas I did not really discern the 36 ft / 8 mph advantage Kinga Ka has. I also thought the straight run on TTD was more fun than KK'..s braking hill. I never got a night ride on TTD (dusk in the front was as close as I got as CP closed at 8PM) but I did get a 10 PM front-seat on KK. It really was one helluva ride in the dark.
shag9004 on 9/11/2008 9:12:29 PM said:
Front seat ride at night was as a good a ride as I think I'.ve ever had. I actually placed this back in my top 10 beacuse it was that good,,,,and this is from an enthusiast who is now a die-hard woodie fan thanks to my three rides this summer on the Cyclone, Phoenix, and Boulder Dash.
bumprnugit on 9/19/2008 11:37:24 PM said:
You are in good company as those are three of my top five woodies. I cut my wooden teeth on SFNE nee Riversides Thunderbolt and then the Riverside Cyclone (which, before the neutering is still my transcendental wood coaster experience, exceeding even Coney Island.)

The difference between steel and wood in my opinion is that where steel can be exciting, wood can provide elation. In time I can get used to a great steelie, but an outstanding woodie can always give an endorphin rush no matter how many times I ride it. A few Intamin rides come close, really close, but nothing can equal the experience only wood can provide.

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