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 Review of Behemoth @ Canadas Wonderland
0 Rating Posted by: coasterf42 on 8/8/2008 6:01:00 PM
Behemoth surpased my expectations, and it still managed to become my least favorite B&M hyper. After watching this thing from its inception, with its huge stats, paired with new train designs, and a first drop that was origionally advertised to be 85 degrees, this ride was supposed to break all the B&M rules. Somewhat unfortunitely, it became a &quot.normal&quot. B&M hyper due to Cedar Fair&#39.s lies (about the angle of decent) and trim brakes catalyzed by some party involved. Almost every hill on this ride has very good airtime, and on Behemoth, the air is actually better in the front. My theory is this is due to the trim brakes not hurting the front part of the train as much as the back. So the front ends up catipulting over the crest of those air time beauties as the back simply glides over them producing a prolonged floater effect. Again, almost every straight hill has airtime. The hammerhead is nice and big, but I don&#39.t think it really has much of any effect. After the main set of good airtime hills, the train skids into a late MCBR which leads to a rather lame downward helix. This is fairly intense, but it was very weak in comparison to Nitro&#39.s and Goliath&#39.s. I simply don&#39.t understand why the ride ends the way it does: with a relatively weak airtime bunny hop and a final weak hop into the brakes. The ride is virtually over on the MCBR, and my only knock on the first half is the lack of true ejector style airtime anywhere. Goliath at SFOG is much better as far as airtime consistancy and overall pacing from start to finish, and I think Apollo and Nitro slide by it as well with epic drops off of the MCBR (versus a weak helix), and much better airtime hop finalies. This didn&#39.t stop me from riding Behemoth almost 20 times in one day, and enjoying every single ride. However, I am still fairly mad at a few of the down right lies Cedar Fair told the world when this was announced.
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