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 Review of Mantis @ Cedar Point
0 Rating Posted by: weaver23 on 7/25/2008 8:47:00 PM
Mantis is certtainly a unique coaster and is very forceful but sometimes can be a bit painful, people mention that it bangs your head around.I experienced no such head banging what so ever the coaster was very smooth.The reason why it hurt is because the blood rushed to my feet on almost all of the elements which sort of hurt my feet, this was no fault of the rides though since stand up coasters sometimes do that to me. The coasters starts with a slight drop to the right turning and then plummeting and screeching through a trim on the drop, the trim is felt but it felt as though it didn&#39.t affect the speed. The 1st loop was taken at a good speed and really gave you some great hangtime mixed with intense positive G&#39.s. After this came the dive loop which was quite intense, and really gave some great hangtime, then we entered the turn around which provided some more great Positive G&#39.s.The we rushed right into the inclined loop which was very very forceful and was probably the most intense partb of the ride. After this you fly over a hill that banks to the right and goes into the MCBR, the MCRB was on and pinched the coaster slowing it, but it barely made a difference, the we enetered a very intense which we sped through and into a banked turn around after this we flew through more banked twisting turns providing great lateraly G&#39.s and some unique sensations, this is the finale of the ride and soon you hit the brakes. Some people don&#39.t like this ride but I personally didn&#39.t mid it at all, it was much smoother than those pathetic togo stand up so for that the ride sits at an 8.
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