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 Review of Fahrenheit @ Hersheypark
1 Rating Posted by: fergusonat on 7/11/2008 11:50:00 AM
Fahrenheit turned out to be exactly what I thought it would be: a very fun ride, but uninspired and redundant

For starters, however, the ride looks stupendous. The orange/blue is really a striking color scheme that begs onlookers to stare in amazement. The overall layout has a very appealing aesthetic and natural visual flow. The station is also beautiful with it&#39.....s red-stained wood and elegant arches.

Now onto the ride itself...

The vertical lift was certainly unique, but actually kind of uncomfortable. Pockets offer zero refuge for loose articles, so be sure to leave them with a non-rider, or grab hold of the sides of your pants as the train ascends. The drop is great as well, very much like Maverick. Personally, I think Maverick&#39.....s 95 degree drop is more intense, probably due to the LIM lift and the rambunctitous series of sharply banked turns that immediately follow the first drop. With that being said, Fahrenheit&#39.....s first drop is still excellent, and probably the second-best part of the ride.

Next is the Norwegian Loop, which was pretty sweet, especially while exiting the maneuver in the very back row which produces great negative g&#39.....s.

After the Norwegian Loop comes the Cobra Roll, which is by far the low-light of the ride. A boring, uninspired, and lackluster maneuver which has been done far too many times to be considered the least bit interesting anymore. What&#39.....s more, the ride doesn&#39.....t have the best pace during the cobra roll, either, which is to be expected considering it valleyed in this portion of the ride on opening day.

Luckily, the drop out of the Cobra Roll is substantial enough to make the last two inversions, back-to-back corkscrews, lively and intense. Again, however, these manuevers seem very trite and overkill. I would have much rather had two to three solid airtime hills or a stengel dive, ala Maverick.

After the corkscrews comes Fahrenheit&#39...s fleeting moment of greatness. A swift bank to the right, a dive under the final brakes (producing a fantastic headchopper) and then a spirited leap over a great little airtime hill gives Fahrenheit a finale that makes up for a lackluster middle-portion.

Still, the inversion-line-up on this coaster left me missing Maverick more than ever. I wanted to be catapulted to and fro over a series of absurd banked curves, jolts, and dives. Instead, Fahrenheit delivers a methodical series of inversions that leave a somewhat unsatisfied taste in the mouth. The finale is great to be sure, but it is not enough to make up for the rest of the ride&#39.....s &quot.....meh&quot..... factor. It should also be noted that the ride had a very noticeable Intamin-vibration to it already. I wouldn&#39.....t be surprised to hear about this thing rattling very badly in future seasons.

Regardless, Fahrenheit will please the general park-goers, even if they may confuse it with Storm Runner at first. It&#39.....s a solid addition, but not a world-class coaster worth special recognition. It gets a 7.5 from me, so I&#39.ll bump it up to an 8

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RCGenius on 7/11/2008 10:12:46 PM said:
Solid review man. Fahrenheit'.s a great coaster, but because of its short length, I too couldn'.t give it a 10. Maybe I enjoyed it more because my first ride was in the very back seat. Also, you were on point about the middle of the ride as it does seem to lose its power & speed, especially after you come across the brakes following the cobra roll. This is going off-topic a lil bit, but by any chance, did you ride it today because I was at a place called Canyon River Catering, which is right next to Fahrenheit.
fergusonat on 7/12/2008 1:15:20 AM said:
Nah, I rode it this past Tuesday...
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