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 Review of Laser @ Dorney Park
1 Rating Posted by: PhantomNik on 7/7/2008 4:21:00 PM
After looking through some of the reviews for this little coaster, it seems that the reviewers fall into two distinct camps when it comes to Laser - they either love it as a fine example of Anton's great work, or they loathe it and find it to be a grave disappointment. Well, place me firmly into the former group. I find Laser to be a real treat from a coaster standpoint, and dare I say that this may be the coaster that packs the most punch for one of this modest size. Sure, Laser may look like it could be picked up and taken to someone's back yard, but that doesn't matter. The ride is a buffet of forces, and I am glad to don my bib and gorge myself on them with shear delight!

The ride itself looks pretty trippy with the neon green and purple color scheme. It's a bit loud, but I still like it. As others have stated, this thing has to win the award for the slowest lift hill on the planet! LOL I'm not sure why it is so dang slow, but it's a quirky quality that I laugh off and enjoy. Besides, lines are never that long for it, so it's really no big deal at all to me. The first twisting drop is classic and filled with the kind of tight forces that make these Anton coasters so amazing and priceless. With a good bit of speed now built up, Laser tears through the highlight of the ride - those devilishly intense back-to-back vertical loops that are brimming with G's and probably some of the most intense loops you will find anywhere. After that there are a couple helixes to close out the coaster, and each is very forceful. There is not one dead spot on the course, and the only real negative in my mind is how short the ride really is. Still, one has to appreciate the raw nature of these coasters of his, as they are not shy about pushing the intensity up a few notches. Overall, I feel Laser is a great complement to the newer coasters that are sprinkled over the rest of Dorney Park. It is loads of fun, and extremely thrilling along its compact course. This great little coaster packs a nice little wallop, one that is appreciated even more with each ride. So often recently this ride is rumored to be up for sale, and I for one would be sad to see it go. Coasters like this one are a rare jewel in a time where aggressiveness is usually frowned upon in favor of precise computerized elements that are geared to be thrilling, but not "overly intense". This coaster is more than worthy of a few rides when visiting Dorney, and in our constant quest to find treasured coasters, Laser is like finding a chest full of gold.
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