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 Review of Soak'd @ Freestyle Music Park
0 Rating Posted by: Troika on 7/7/2008 3:51:00 PM
No real thrills here. Although it was a thrill for my young son. This was his first experience on such a ride. The elevator lift was quite cool in a first-generation Intamin Free Fall way...you get that anticipation thing going...especially if you're in one of the seats that faces backwards. You're left dangling for a moment before the mechanics and noisy pneumatics engages you onto the track.

The ride itself was neat..nothing really thrilling., but it wa fun indeed. Nice views of the simulated campground-themed area below as well as the big Guitar next door. Depending on the non-riders below, you may have a dry, wet, or drenched ride. Although, areas of the ride's layout will provide jets of water that spray you as well as a curtain of water and a mister near the end. The rest of the water experience is up to the people below.

My only issue with this ride was the braking system. I hope they fix it. About midway and towards the end, you hit those fin brakes abruptly. If you're in the forward-facing seats, you will get uncomfortably slammed into the lap bars (no shoulder harnesses here). If you want to know how the Heimlick Manouver feels like...then go on this diddie. If you're choking on gum during the ride, fear not, it will be adequately dislodged during one of the breaking areas.

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