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 Review of Boulder Dash @ Lake Compounce
0 Rating Posted by: coasterf42 on 6/30/2008 1:35:00 PM
This review may simply be an affirmation of what has already been said below, but, nonetheless, I will take great joy in sharing my thoughts on this wooden monster. Like seemingly every other review has stated, this ride is "different." In more ways than one, it is simply awesome, yet not as "perfectly" consistent as some coasters of this day and age are. But is this perfect similarity really what you want in a good coaster? Do I want to ride the same ride, any time of the day, at any seat and experience all the same forces and feelings? In my opinion, Boulder Dash personifies greatness in the unexpected, the surprising, the illusive. I do believe, that MOST great rides will be at least GOOD from any seat at any time of the day. Same holds true for the Dash. Despite my countless POV views of this monster, absolutely nothing could prepare me for my first ride. This ride was good. The airtime was good, the laterals were good, although it seemed a bit uncomfortable and perhaps overly challenging. Once I knew a little bit about the ride, and the sun crept ever further beneath the looming mountain, I seemed to be able to ride it better, and the Dash, in turn, gave me better and better rides. I will make this as clear as possible: DO NOT get stapled on this ride! Perhaps the best way to ride it is one hand in the air and the other pushing up on your lap bar in order to prevent stapling. The stand-up air you get on the second half of this ride is absolutely extraordinary. The only comparison I can make as far as airtime goes is to the one and only Phoenix. However, Dash is no doubt faster and more restrained than the Phoenix is, so the airtime comparison is harder. The bottom line is: the airtime on the return trip is nothing short of fantastic, especially when taken from the back seat at night. The triple up at the end is incredibly unique and fantastic, and unlike anything I have ever experienced before. The turnaround before this second half airtime run is very climactic: unbanked, lateral producing and fast as ever right by the lake. It is a great way to set up one of the best airtime runs in the world. Moving backward to the first half of the ride: The lift has got to be my favorite lift-hill of all time. Long, but straight up a mountain in the thick forest. Nothing I had been on prepared me for that. Most of the first-half is lateral heavy, and even a bit "rough," but a fun, challenging type of rough, which doesn't leave the rider injured at all. There are two or three incredible airtime moments on this first half, but again it is primarily a lateral-heavy section of track. Another "different" thing about this fantastic coaster was the recognizable LACK of airtime during the first-half double-down! So, as far as my assessment of Dash goes: after my first ride I was convinced that it was very good, perhaps world class, and certainly in my relatively week top-5. After my two night rides, I basically fell in love with the thing and bumped it all the way ahead of Intamin's Superman:ROS and El Toro into my number 2 overall spot. So, do yourself a favor and head out to America's oldest amusement park today, and remember: DON'T GET STAPLED!!!
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