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 Review of Tiki Maze @ Canobie Lake Park
-1 Rating Posted by: MJack on 6/10/2008 9:14:00 PM
Waste of space. The whole point of a glass maze is that don&#39.t know where to go. At this one they tell you where not to go with red hand prints on all the walls you approach head-on. There&#39.s never a good time to go through it either. Either you&#39.re going to have stupid teenagers trying race through it that shove you out of the way to try and impress themselves/each other/anyone or you&#39.re going to have some little kid who bumped his head who is crying as it tries to find it&#39.s way out. If the park won&#39.t get rid of it, then they should force it to be one at a time.
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